Nov 16 2018
07:50 am

Jamie Satterfield reports Burchett's remarks: "I have been following the recent news reports related to the illness and deaths of employees who worked on the TVA coal ash cleanup, and I am deeply disturbed by what is being reported. ... I hope that TVA, EPA and the U.S. Attorney's office will fully investigate this matter. ... If necessary, I will seek a formal congressional investigation into this matter, because those affected deserve answers and anyone at fault should be held accountable."

I don't recall Jimmy Duncan having much to say about the disaster and cleanup, other than we shouldn't let public opinion about TVA and coal be swayed by environmental "kooks and extremists." He did take $16,000 from Jacob Engineering in the disaster aftermath, though.

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This is all the more

This is all the more interesting because we are in Chuck Flieschmann's Congressional District.

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At least 400 workers in the Kingston clean up were poisoned through either gross negligence or outright intent. Videos with potentially incriminating evidence are gone from TVA headquarters and TVA won't say how or why. Incriminating admissions were made in court under oath. I asked every member of Tennessee's congressional delegation the same question: Will you seek an independent investigation of the poisoning of these innocent people and their families? Burchett was the only one who stepped up. Yes, ash ponds are a concern because coal ash leaches in water, which means the components then get loose, so to speak, and can get into you if you drink it or wash in it. That's a big picture issue and problem. These workers, though, are dying right now. More than 35 are dead. I've lost count because it depresses me too much. Many do not have insurance. They can't even afford to be tested for diseases and cancers. They break a bone, go to the ER and then find out they're in the final stages of cancer. I really wish people would understand that these folks are dying and they need help, testing, care and treatment - now. Today. A jury has ruled Jacobs Engineering breached its contract with TVA. TVA, which paid Jacobs $64 million, refuses to respond to any questions about the poisoning of these workers. My job is to investigate what I can using open records laws and shoe leather and then tell you - voters and TVA ratepayers - what I find. It's up to you to demand accountability and justice.

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Thanks for all you do and

Thanks for all you do and keep it up!

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I wish I could do more

But thank you!

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Hmm. Does Burchett believe

Hmm. Does Burchett believe in regulating ash ponds?

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I would hope a lot more than

I would hope a lot more than Burchett investigate it. That warrants a lot of attention.

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