Sep 28 2017
10:36 am

CBS Sports: Recruiting scandal means uncertain times ahead for Auburn and Bruce Pearl

Louisville's Rick Pitino has been put on administrative leave, with the understanding that he'll eventually be officially fired. Will another head coach suffer the same fate? In the aftermath of the FBI's world-rattling investigation into bribery and fraud in college basketball recruiting, one coach in particular has been caught in the middle: Auburn's Bruce Pearl.

Auburn assistant Chuck Person was charged with corruption and bribery crimes Tuesday morning by authorities, then suspended without pay by Auburn later in the day for his role in the scheme. Person is the only Auburn employee named in the FBI's case.

It doesn't appear that Bruce Pearl's name has come up in the investigation, but according to the article there's an "institutional control" clause in his contract that could spell big trouble for him.

Anyway, this investigation reaches far and wide. Will there be enough NCAA teams left standing to put on a tournament?

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Eventually you run out of coincidences

Little known is that Bruce was a student assistant on the Boston College team that was shaving points for the mob in 1978.

Boston College point shaving, 1978-79

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