May 17 2011
07:43 am
By: bizgrrl  shortURL

It's cold outside. What happened to those warm spring days? We've had Dogwood winter and blackberry winter. Is this locust winter? When can I finally wash my winter clothes and put them away for a while?

EricLykins's picture

Locust comes before Dogwood,

Locust comes before Dogwood, this is Whippoorwill Winter (hopefully!), although it's cold as Linsey-Woolsey Britches Winter right now.

R. Neal's picture

Somebody else just told us

Somebody else just told us that today about "Whippoorwill Winter." Never heard of that one. (The guy is a direct descendant of Smoky Mt. settlers.)

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Story has it that I'm a

Story has it that I'm a direct descendant of Vikings that ended up in what is now West Virginia way before Columbus wandered across the pond. But I used Google.

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