Jan 26 2021
05:55 pm

Don't make the people go to mass vaccination sites!

I don't understand the Mayor of Sevierville offering up Dollywood as a mass vaccination site.

Even Tennessee's Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said in a press conference on Friday that sites like Dollywood, Opryland and Nissan Stadium could hold mass vaccination clinics...

Maybe in Nashville because they have a large population. However, I really don't think it is necessary and not the best method to vaccinate the people.

Sevierville has a population of approximately 15,000 people, of which 18% are 65 or older. It would seem they can handle that population in smaller clinics.

And, how many people from nearby counties would want to travel to Sevierville twice for their vaccines.

Not me!

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Oh, Tennessee's Health

Oh, Tennessee's Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said, "People are already in place, Piercey said, with strike teams, health departments, community volunteers and EMS as options for staffing the clinics."

If that is the case, then set up multiple, smaller clinics in each county.

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Also, there are lots of

Also, there are lots of people without reliable transportation to go to mass clinics. Then they have people have to pay for gas.

Have you ever been so poor you couldn't afford pay for gas?
We have.

You must go to the communities.

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Sevier County

I would drive to sevier county to get a vaccine. I figure on going to an outlying county if Knox County is still overwhelmed and shots are available elsewhere.

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There was a local report

There was a local report where someone was able to drive up to Cocke County and get their vaccine, but not in a mass vaccination site. You could give them a call.

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I'm not 75 yet. When 65+ are eligible I'll call.
One advantage in waiting - will newer vaccines address the S.A. strain?

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Yeah, I knew that. Didn't

Yeah, I knew that. Didn't know if Cocke County was doing younger folks.

RE S.A. strain. Dunno. I'm sure they are working hard at it.

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One country I lived in that

One country I lived in that had a 'national health' plan had public walk-in clinics in every neighborhood. Today they have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.

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Los Angeles mass vaccination

Los Angeles mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium.

Los Angeles has a population of approx. 10 million.
Nearly 8,000 were administered in a 12 hour day.
30,000 traffic cones were used to guide vaccine recipients.
Appointments were required.

"vaccine recipients never have to leave their vehicles or even open their doors. The lot resembles a massive drive-in movie theater without the screens. Vehicles awaiting shots run out of gas or break down."

"vaccinations were available to all Los Angeles County residents aged 65 and older. Along with the city employees, police officers and health care workers..."
"Yet for all the mishaps, Los Angeles has a higher vaccination rate than other large cities and counties — 83 percent of the doses the city has received have been administered, compared with 74 percent in New York City, 52 percent in San Antonio’s Bexar County, and 58 percent of the doses ordered in Phoenix’s Maricopa County."
"There is Krispy Kreme for breakfast and Subway for lunch (the fruit on the tables is for poking with syringes during training sessions). "
They had to "reduce the monitoring time for allergic reactions to five minutes."

For 10 million residents at 8,000/day, it will take 1,250 days or 3.5 years. They better open up more mass vaccination sites or ramp up smaller sites in neighborhoods.

It's definitely a great effort. If I have to go to mass vaccination site I guess I will. It is not my choice and I hope they build up more smaller local sites. Oh, and I really, really don't want to go to Dollywood for a vaccine.

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It seems to me if knox county

It seems to me if knox county is planning to go to large vaccination sites, the old east town mall would be a perfect location.

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Could be, all you need is a

Could be, all you need is a big parking lot.

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Chilhowee Park, schools,

Chilhowee Park, schools, libraries, Market Square, any walk-in clinic

Three of those have some logistics to their location that may be beneficial to dispensing a vaccine

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If I remember correctly when

If I remember correctly when I recieved the shot for polio in the first or second grade it was being administered in the gravel parking lot at the school I was attending. I can't remember if it was only students or if adults were also there getting the shot? I guess at the smaller sites it would require many more people and more of a coordinated effort to handle it.

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Elementary schools seem like

Elementary schools seem like a natural location logistically. There are strategically spaced based on the population.

But, it seems there isn't enough vaccine inventory to utilize an extensive dispensing infrastructure even if it existed. They would just be sitting there with no vaccine to give.

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While we're stumbling through this.......

Dr. Buchanan has managed to give 34,000 vaccinations, while trying to learn distribution systems management, a profession unto itself. The County has an IT Department. What exactly do they do?

The Health Directors primary duty should be getting trained people administering shots, and for all the complaints she's getting, when one steps back at looks at the job she's doing, she's doing a pretty damn good job of getting it done, all while taking the heat for other functions of County Government that should be stepping up, but that are rolling over and playing dead.

It's almost like Jacobs is doing nothing just to increase the heat Buchanan will be forced to take.

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If these people don't trust

If these people don't trust the vaccine, fine! But that doesn't give them the right to block the people who do trust it from getting it. It's like Trump issued a license for stupidity and with it came the right to physically push their will on others.

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Chick-fil-A manager saved a drive-thru Covid-19 vaccine clinic

When a South Carolina drive-thru coronavirus vaccine clinic got backed up, leaving people waiting for hours, the town mayor decided to call in a professional for help: a Chick-fil-A manager.

A Chick-fil-A manager saved a drive-thru Covid-19 vaccination clinic after traffic backed up

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UT Medical Center vaccine info webpage


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May need to pester people about a second Covid-19 vaccine dose

“The vast majority of people due for their second doses have gotten them, but there some who haven’t and are now past that six-week mark when it is recommended,” Chris Van Deusen, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services, said in an email.

“We definitely want people to get their booster doses on time because they are important to boosting immunity,” he said.

States may need to pester thousands of people about a second Covid-19 vaccine dose

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Pfizer hopes to cut vaccine manufacturing time by almost half

By ramping up production and being more efficient, the company expects to reduce the time it takes to produce a batch of vaccine from 110 days to around 60.

Pfizer hopes to cut vaccine manufacturing time by almost half

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Get ready for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots at next physical

Will your yearly physical include a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot? Probably, experts said Wednesday.

The coronavirus has shown it can mutate like the flu and the vaccines will have to be updated to counter new strains, they said.

Get ready for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots at your next physical, experts warn

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Is It Safe to Delay a Second COVID Vaccine Dose?

Some evidence indicates that short waits are safe, but there is a chance that partial immunization could help risky new coronavirus variants to develop

Is It Safe to Delay a Second COVID Vaccine Dose?

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