Aug 16 2018
01:57 pm


Things are moving along with the new bridge on Alcoa Highway at Maloney Road.

They have completely torn up Ginn Road on the west side. I didn't get a picture but was totally surprised that the road is gone. Also didn't get to see how I get to Volunteer Vet on the corner.

A few traffic lights would surely have been a lot cheaper and quicker.

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Loved Mark Nagi's, TDOT

Loved Mark Nagi's, TDOT spokesman, response to why can't they get people to obey the 40 mph speed limit in this section of Alcoa Highway.

"We have had too many accidents over the years in work zones, and it can be a very dangerous place, Nagi said. "Both for motorists and for crews and workers who are doing their jobs."

Nagi said TDOT's approach to slow down drivers is simple. It includes increasing signage in the area and just asking drivers to slow down.

I haven't notice much increase in the 40 mph speed limit signage.

Between January 1 and May 21 of 2018, KPD had issued 495 speeding tickets in the construction zone.

Aren't speeding tickets in highway construction zones a lot higher than otherwise? KPD could make even more money if they stayed out there longer.

There are speed limits for a reason. What's wrong with people?

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Feng Shui

I swear driving under that half span is some of the worst feng shui I have ever experienced. I haven't decided which is worse, the right lane or middle lane.

I haven't notice much increase in the 40 mph speed limit signage.

What I've noticed is a whole lot of people getting tickets. That has a definite effect on the speed.

On those lines, when was the last time you saw someone driving more than 45 in Townsend?

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