Aug 23 2006
06:22 am

Gov. Phil Bredesen is leading Jim Bryson 66% to 19% according to a recent poll. No surprise that Bredesen is way ahead, but Bryson is doing better than expected. Maybe he'll convince enough of the other/undecided voters to work his way up from "lunatic fringe" all the way to "30% dead-enders" status.

Speaking of the Governor, we wish him well and hope for a speedy and full recovery from whatever ails him. The very thought of "Governor John Wilder" is terrifying, to say the least.

We wonder, though, what it says about Tennessee's health care situation that the Governor has to go out of state to get treated for a fever. And we won't even mention the 200,000 people kicked off TennCare. We doubt many of them have the Mayo Clinic option available.

UPDATE: Volunteer Voters has lots of speculation on the Governor's condition and analysis of various possible intrigues and strategeries. I doubt that it's anywhere near as serious, or mysterious, as all that. Let's just hope the Governor is OK and makes a full recovery.

(Memo to A.C.: It's "hinky", not "henky". I only know because I had to look it up myself a few days ago in regard to another topic.)

Eleanor A's picture

Go Randy!!

You're on a roll this morning. Good job.

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