Oct 9 2006
03:11 pm

Looks like our very own Governor Phil Bredesen ("D"-TN) has won the coveted Wanker of the Day award.

Atrios links a piece by Ezra Klein, in which he says...

When last we saw Bredesen, he was kicking nearly 200,000 folks off TennCare, the state's health care program. He has, since then, sought to make amends with a stingier program providing care to the high-risk and working uninsured, but his accomplishments on the issue are a deterioration of health care in Tennessee, not an improvement.

(more behind the cut)

I know you don't look at Tennessee news every day, Mr. Klein. Yet, for what it's worth, we've been saying this about Bredesen for years.

Don't forget his willingness to throw progressives under the bus at every turn.

Don't forget his unabashed sell-out of the unions and working people with his program of Workman's Comp "reform."

Don't forget how he trashed the Democratic Party in the press during Campaign 2004, where he returned from the Boston convention and basically told party activists time and again that defeating Kerry was a fool's errand.

Don't forget, also that year, how Bredesen decided to focus his political capital on a couple of high-profile state races, both of his candidates lost, and the Democratic Party lost control of the Tennessee Senate for the first time in a generation.

As a result of all of this sacrifice on the part of his party, labor unions, Kerry activists, and so on, Governor Bredesen has enjoyed some of the wildest approval ratings among Republicans in this state, sometimes as much as 20 points higher.

And yes, I, like many of us as Democrats, will still be good little party faithful and will pull the lever to see him re-elected this time around. I, for one, cannot bear to fathom the trainwreck which would result from a Bryson governorship.

Bottom line is: Bredesen has been a wanker for far, far longer than a day.


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