Dec 6 2017
05:07 pm
By: Andy Axel

Likely this moves TN into "toss-up" status.

bizgrrl's picture

Ya, think?

Ya, think?

Andy Axel's picture

DSCC support

Much as I like Mackler, he may as well have been Basil Marceaux in terms of rallying big donors and the level of resources that the national organization can muster.

This isn't a condemnation of Mackler or a heartfelt embrace of Bredesen. It just is what it is. Political reality is a bit different from political abstractions. And Bredesen being in the race is no longer an abstraction.

(Anonymous)'s picture

Tennessee is not electing a

Tennessee is not electing a Democrat as Senator.

Andy Axel's picture

How many counties

would he have won if there hadn't been term limits in 2010? 70? 80?

Rachel's picture

I think a contested

I think a contested Democratic primary is good for the party and for the state.

Andy Axel's picture

I think so too

but I suspect this will play out as it did when Ford got into the race against Kurita.

I'm willing to be surprised, though.

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