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Tracking is blocked now...

... what did it show previously?

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Nothing. Sorry. It was a

Nothing. Sorry. It was a (bad) joke about the absurdity of what our our local institute of "higher learning" has become.

(People who aren't all that interested in UT research or academic programs were actually trying to suss out the Pilot jet's whereabouts to get a clue about the football program.)

From what I've read about Strong, he's a stand up guy, the likes of which UT's program needs (which is what I thought about Dooley). But if they get him, he will be another three and out (much like their recent offense) with another big buyout to fire him the first time he loses to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Fans and boosters rule. Go Vols.

The sad joke is that there's not much coverage or airplane tracking of UT's academic and/or research programs.

As regards to their football program, this coaching search is a major disaster. Nobody wants to come here. (Latest reports are that Strong turned them down.) Wonder why? On top of that, Hart seems to be out to destroy the women's basketball program, one of the most successful programs (if not the most successful) in the history of women's sports. Go figure.

It's all very sad. It seems we can't do anything right in Tennessee. And we keep doubling down on every bad move.

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On the plus side

Given the statistics published in another thread, it could mean that traffic on Chapman highway will be manageable and that there is a real chance of success for south Knoxville development.


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The sad joke is that there's

The sad joke is that there's not much coverage or airplane tracking of UT's academic and/or research programs.


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A source close to the program

A source close to the program says the UT computer science department just offered a scholarship to Vinton Cerf Jr, a five star recruit out of Connecticut. Sources say Harold Abelson from MIT is also strongly pursuing Cerf Jr. While MITs facilities outmatch those of UT, the Vols hope to entice Cerf Jr by offering unlimited access to Cray Titan. Tune into tomorrow morning as we broadcast live from my mom's basement (pending her work schedule). And now a word from our sponsor.

[fade in: "Hey this is Mike Hattmaker, Jim Cog Dodge..."]

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It's all very sad. It seems

It's all very sad. It seems we can't do anything right in Tennessee. And we keep doubling down on every bad move.

Even sadder is the lost ability in this State to differentiate between real life and the entertainment that provides escape from it.

Football is a game. There's a reason the sports section is in the back of a newspaper and the last segment on the local news. "Alert" tickers were born of 9/11, I'm not sure Charlie Strong turning down a head coaching position should have the same weight.

I like UT football, but whether they win or lose has absolutely no effect on my life. But this does; (link...)

On second thought, maybe the distraction is better than the alternative. Go Vols!

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Football in general

Between rising ticket prices and falling wages and rising commodity prices and smaller disposable incomes they're not going to fill Neyland stadium, regardless of the hire, without rethinking the marketing strategy. The 20.00 to 100.00 dollar family outing doesn't go very far with $48.00 tickets and $6.00 cokes.

Just sayin.

We will, however, blame the coach if the stadium isn't full.

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I agree. However, I would add

I agree. However, I would add that the drop in numbers may have less to do with the product on the field than with the product on TV. Attendance to college and pro football is dropping nationwide, partly due to the fact that every game is on TV. While teams rake in all these dollars from major networks, they are watching attendance numbers drop.

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True with a caveat

Growing up, even without T.V. the game was the center of the town's activity. The musack in the mall was dropped in favor of the game on the radio. The whole town operated on football speed and , I might add, virtually any kid involved in youth activities had access to the game, if in no other way, you could sell cokes or programs.

Even with T.V. there has been a culture change in town and the rabid fans almost fall into a Tea Party category. Like most religions, U.T. football has left the common fan behind, and now that they need them, have found that they've moved on.

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I would say UT is still in

I would say UT is still in the top ten in football attendance. Same with basketball. Here, UT has finished in the top five for like eight years in a row. I'm not disputing cultural change, but I think the sports culture in this town is still pretty fanatic, especially compared to other places. I mean, presidential candidates sing Rocky Top when they campaign here.

Correction: Romney sang The Ballad of Davey Crockett, not Rocky Top. So, I over sold it.

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Strong is staying put. It

Strong is staying put.

It sure would have been nice to see 10% of the attention given to UT's last search for a president as has been given to the search for a football coach.

Priorities, people.

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