May 12 2017
04:03 pm

At a hastily arranged press conference this afternoon, President Trump made the stunning announcement: "They're not doing a very good job. Too many leaks. They're all fired."

When asked on what authority he based this unprecedented executive order, Trump said "Did you know that the FBI is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution? It's true. I had my people check on it. It does say executive power is vested in the President. That's me. Look it up. Next question."

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Since it's not April 1, I actually Googled "Trump eliminates FBI?" to determine whether you were kidding. Because it was entirely possible that you weren't.

So apparently the last word is still that he may eliminate only daily press briefings and it looks like nothing has changed over the few minutes it took me to dash off to buy some mower gas.

We'd best stay tuned, though...

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Hah. Every day is April Fools

Hah. Every day is April Fools day under this administration.

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My point exactly.

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Here is Comey's resignation letter and the real world translation of it by an English Lit major.

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