Josh Flory just tweeted that the Baptist Hospital property on the South Knox waterfront is under contract to a Georgia developer. Awaiting further details....

UPDATE: Josh Flory has contacted the developer, but they can't talk about the deal just yet. The Mayor's office told us they "don't have any confirmation" on it.

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related, and not as cheery

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I guess that is ok, however

I guess that is ok, however it would not be good, in my opinion, to see the South Waterfront be "Atlantalike" development.

I thought the likelihood of Baptist becoming a VA facility was strong. Or a hospital again, but smaller than before.

I thought the 200 unit apt development proposed next to Island Home was a pretty bad idea. At least not the direction I had hoped South Knoxville Waterfront was taking.

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I thought the 200 unit apt

I thought the 200 unit apt development proposed next to Island Home was a pretty bad idea.

I agree.

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Tennova on Oak Hill Avenue

I am concerned about relocating Physicians Regional Medical Center from its current location on Oak Hill Avenue. The Oakwood neighborhood just got a win with the redevelopment of the old Oakwood school and the neighborhood does not need an abandoned hospital complex dragging it down.

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This is the fourth contract on the old Baptist Hospital property

Given the magnitude of the asbestos problem, the 18 inch think concrete walls, and the proximity to the river and the TDEC environmental regulations, the prior agreements have all been scrapped once the developers really get a good look at the beast that this pre world war II construction really was.

Hope for the best, but don't fall out of your chair if that abandoned hospital is still there without any purpose in another 5 years.

TennNova would like to sell it for $7 - 8 million, realistically, the property with an abundance of remediation costs is between $4 - 5 million.

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As long as the purchaser

As long as the purchaser understand the form-based zoning code for that site, it should be ok.

We shall see.

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