May 31 2012
09:54 am

RoaneViews reports that a candidate for Roane Co. property assessor has taken his own life at the home of the incumbent candidate. J.T. Woods was a former employee of current property assessor and candidate Teresa Kirkham. The heated race has generated a great deal of controversy.

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Tough story. I looked to big

Tough story.

I looked to big media for more information and it's slow to report on this.

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There are a couple of back

There are a couple of back stories here that could be pretty ugly. I hope the media tread carefully and keep to facts and not rumors.

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The Roane County News Story

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If there are more than two

If there are more than two sentences to the story, can't get to it. Must be a subscriber.

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Why are judges on the ballot?

Why are judges on the ballot?

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So two of the four people running against Kirkham (Woods and Morgan) were her former employees?

Who were the other two people running against her? Did they also know her in any way?

I've never heard the lady's name, but the scant reading I've done about her in these links makes it sound as if some people strongly disliked her???

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David Morgan

Mr. Morgan has a BS in Industrial engineering and a Masters in Organizational Management. His web site shows an extensive work history but mostly as a plant manager. I do know he has never worked for Teresa Kirkham.

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Woods is distantly related to

Woods is distantly related to my former sister in law. I went to high school w/ Cheryl Wester Laxton. I've heard that Kirkham was doing some things to make life difficult for Woods, but that's all anybody is saying so far.

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J T's unemployment

J T's unemployment compensation hearing was yesterday.

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