CNN reports that Cindy Sheehan is exhausted, disgusted, and giving up the fight for peace...

Poor brave Sheehan, she certainly learned that the peace movement is sometimes a rough river full of alligators and pirhanas, and the pro-war movement is tireless, supported by the evil Fox News, and cruel. I'm sure she feels battered and abused. Her inital entry into this was sincere and innocent. No one can blame her if at times she was manipulated by powerful people on all sides. Now she will mourn her beloved son in private. Something she probably hasn't had a chance to do before.

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Sheehan's full statement is

Sheehan's full statement is under the recommended diaries section of DailyKos. (Sorry, no link.)


Am I the only solipsist here?

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She thought she had some support from the Democrats, but too large a number of them are cowards just like their Repig counterparts.
Cindy worked her ass off as did certain Democrats. But the Bush Democrat traitors have tucked their collective tail yet again and worshiped the lying Bush.

There's lots of courage out there, just not enough Democrats have it unfortunately.

Thank you, Cindy. You did Casey proud.

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

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Cindy Sheehan accomplished a

Cindy Sheehan accomplished a lot of good! She opened the eyes of those of us willing to have their eyes opened. She helped to expose georgeboy for the heartless pig that he is.

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ron jacobs' response

i think ron jacobs' statement in response is insightful and poignant.

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Here's the link to the KOS letter.

I agree about Ron's statement. Cindy's letter


is so sincere it is painful to read. It ought to make us all pray that she will somehow find a way to refill the well of hope she once possessed.

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