Oct 2 2018
02:16 pm
By: R. Neal

BULLETIN: Apple announces they will add 70+ new emojis to iOS, including a kangaroo, a lobster, a frisbee and more.

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Omg, lol, srsly, /snark

Omg, lol, srsly, /snark

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I'm starting to hear all

I'm starting to hear all "breaking news" in the voice of Kermit The Frog


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Get off my lawn!

Get off my lawn!

I probably won’t use any of those imojis, but it bothers me not at all that they’re there.

“What a drag it is, getting old.”
-Mick Jagger in a song not on a Stones setlist since 1966

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The new bagel emoji

The new bagel emoji controversies.

No cream cheese

That's not something the folks behind the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand can stomach – and they're spreading their outrage.

On Twitter, Philadelphia posted: “We think that a #BagelEmoji without cream cheese is a #SadBagel, what do you think? #ItMustBeThePhilly.”

It may not be the most scientific of polls, but 82 percent of the nearly 12,000 people who, um, weighed in on Twitter, voted in favor of cream cheese.

Then there's this,

The bagel emoji, tweeted journalist Josh Glancy, is “the most gentile bagel ever baked.

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