Dec 20 2007
11:51 am

This just in: We are told that Lloyd Daugherty will not be running for the County Commission 6th District after all.

This still leaves a crowded, if not quite as widely known, field for 6-A.

Republicans include Brad Anders, Matthew N. Jones, Walter S. McDaniel, and Jimmie Shelton. The winner of that primary will face off in the general with Kathy Bryant or Charles R. Connatser, who are running in the Democratic primary.

Greg Mackay's picture

It is true

Lloyd Daugherty sent in a withdrawal letter today.
Lewis Logan brought one in yesterday.
Mr. Logan had filed to run in the 1st County Commission district, Mr. Daugherty in the 6th.

The deadline to withdraw has passed. Those were the only two.

Greg Mackay AOE

Sandra Clark's picture

Thanks, Greg

I was wondering about this. KnoxViews rules! -- s.

Greg Mackay's picture

You are welcome Sandra

and you are right about KnoxViews. What fast, easy way to get out information.

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Who will Diane Jordan pick to fill HER seat? Without her son and Lewis Logan up for HER seat, what will she do? It is her live style... (snark, snark) At least she can wear her hats to the Board of Zoning Appeals, which she is still on.

Sandra Clark's picture

Sam McKenzie

As we predicted in Shopper News before he even qualified, Sam McKenzie is the MAN for District 1. He's got the establishment support of the DAAWVRs -- Democratic African Americans Who Vote Republican. -- s.

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Will the Shopper give a

Will the Shopper give a candidate rundown at some point?

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Had my checkbook out and Lloyd quits, @#&*!

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into local politics, the only candidate capable of making a difference, doesn't give two hoots and folds.

I hope his health is not an issue in deciding not to run for county commission.

Maybe he'll run for county executive in 2010.

bill young's picture

1st District Democratic voter

I'm voting for Sam.

Sandra Clark's picture

> Yes, we'll cover most

<< Will the Shopper give a candidate rundown at some point? >>

Yes, we'll cover most conteted races, probably all.

Bean and Van Guilder have profiles of Ken Irvine and Bob McGee for the Jan. 7 Shopper. The next two editions will be slow. -- s.

jbr's picture

I look forward to 'Shopper

I look forward to 'Shopper Style' information. Some objective details and depth.

Unlike the NS performances in the past when attempting to provide candidate information. Pretty weak in general and obviously slanted toward particular candidates. Sort of 'lazy' work. The Metro Pulse
has done a much better job than NS but still could use more objectivity. At least based on past maybe things will change with new owner, editor, etc.

knoxvegas99's picture

I can only say "Dammit!" I

I can only say "Dammit!" I may not agree with with a lot of Lloyd's political philosophy, but I believe he could have helped bring a tone of measured consideration to commission.

Where have you gone, Mrs. Robinson? etc


Larry Van Guilder

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