In a surprise announcement at a hastily called joint press conference in Nashville this morning, Sen. Lamar Alexander announced he is retiring and will not seek reelection. Gov. Haslam then announced that he will appoint himself to replace Alexander for the remainder of his term. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey will assume the duties of governor. Both Haslam and Ramsey will be on the ballot for their respective new offices in the regularly scheduled November election.

Nashville NewsChannel 5 Report...

Greg H's picture

Ahura-Mazda Be Praised!

It's a miracle!

Bbeanster's picture

SKB rides again!

SKB rides again!

MurrayK's picture

Hannity moves to TN

Sean Hannity just announced he will move to Tennessee to challenge Haslam for Alexander's spot. "Wee need a real conservative representing Tennessee," he said.

LeftWingCracker's picture


I suspect that this is not really an April Fool's Joke but something that WILL happen in June or July of 2015.

Rachel's picture

You got me for ten seconds.

You got me for ten seconds. I plead lack of coffee.

Smoake Jones's picture

It's coming, I would think Fall, 2015

would be a better time frame, after Congress is seated in 2015 and has been adjourned for the year, Alexander can start knobbing around with the crowd that is working on the Presidential election for 2016, for which he will not be a candidate.

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I hope

That's his reelection campaign video.

Min's picture

Well played, sir.

Very well played.

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Next Tennessee Governor

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It's hard to laugh... someone who appears to be mentally ill and is not getting the help she needs.

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