Mar 20 2015
06:25 am

I just heard that Brackins Blues Club in Maryville closed its doors. Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this? Also, heard Irish Times is closing. What is happening?

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From the Irish Times Facebook Page

"The Irish Times and the Landlord have both agreed to terminate their lease early. Therefore Saturday, March 21st shall be our last day. Hope you can make it in for a farewell pint. Thank you all for your continued support and friendship over the past 8 years."

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The Mrs. was just over by

The Mrs. was just over by Brackin's and checked in. They are definitely closed. Someone there said someone else may reopen it eventually, but didn't have any more info.'s picture


Clearly these folks weren't aware of this bountiful economic recovery our Lord&Savior B. Hussein Obama has bestowed upon us. Knoxviews nuthouse regulars should go speak to the owners, and that should also cover about 95% of the local media so they'd also get some free coverage.

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Trust me, we spoke to the

Trust me, we spoke to the owner several times about how bad the smoke was and he did not give a care in the world. He was ok with his smokers. If he closed because of money, lack of people, it was because a lot of people that would have gone on a regular basis quite going. In this day and age of smoke free venues I don't understand. Again, it could have been something completely different but less and less people went. Now that we have a regular Sunday blues show at Barley in Maryville that is smoke free it's much nicer and we go when there is a show. The next blues show at Barleys in Maryville will be March 29th with Nick Moss. 7PM show at that.

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price of "freedom"?

The owner was pretty much a jerk about smoking and seemed not to care that many people, including me, would not go there because of the smoke. He went on and on about "freedom to smoke" and to run his business without the government telling him what to do.

I do not know if the problems were related to the size of the audience but if so, maybe there are more of us than there are of them.

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brackins blues club closed

Heard on good authority that unpaid taxes were the reason Brackins closed. Owner is trying to sell it now. Maybe someone else will reopen it.

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Xmd and yellowdog, I'd never heard of Brackin's Blues Bar nor do I have any dog in this race but I am confused by your (and/or this bar owner's) comments about Tennessee's smoking law?

"The government" in TN doesn't tell any restaurant/bar owner he must ban smoking, so long as he elects to serve just those age 21 or over.

I wasn't able to quickly determine how many Maryville or Knoxville restaurants/bars have elected to serve just those over 21 and in that way remain smoking establishments, but I did see that Nashville continues to operate 532 such establishments.

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Tamara, Not really sure what

Not really sure what you are talking about either. I do realize that the TN Gov does not tell anybody what to do about smoking but they should. If KY, NC and others can do it, why can't TN? I was only suggesting that because of the smoking issue not as many people came to his establishment. Now that there is a rumor about tax payment, it could very well be about people not coming and him needing money to stay open, so don't pay taxes to keep the doors open. It usually takes quite a while for that to catch up with you and it did.

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Daily Times with a fluff

Daily Times with a fluff piece that doesn't really tell much about what's going on other than the owner of the building is leasing it to someone else who will open a new bar.

Brackins' Blues: Owner of downtown building says ‘better’ club planned - The Daily Times: News

Walker Johnson, owner of the building at 112 E. Broadway Ave., gave a glimpse of the future of Brackins Blues Club on Thursday. Johnson said he didn’t own the club, so he couldn’t speak for the business owner or potential new owner. But he did say this. “We’ve got a lease in the works.” The plan is for a lease to be effective April 1. Whether that turns out to be prophetic — April Fools' Day — remains to be seen.

(Did not know Walker Johnson owned it.)

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Decisions have consequences

My point was that Mark Brackins chose to run a bar serving only people over 21 so he could have smoking permitted by TN law. Fine. Many people would not go there because of the smoke. He thinks people should be able to smoke in a public place like a bar so he ran his bar so they could. More power to him. There are more people even in TN who do not smoke than who do, so perhaps his decision cost him money.

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6% unemployment by 2017, baby!

Heard on good authority that unpaid taxes were the reason Brackins closed.

Ah ha! Hussein overtaxed them until it killed their business! If only Mitt had been elected, the economy and this marvel of an establishment would both be smokin'!!

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