May 14 2018
09:40 am

What: Books Sandwiched In welcomes Umoja Abdul-Ahad
When: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 12:00pm

Umoja300a.jpgJoin Umoja Abdul-Ahad for a discussion of Muslims and the Making of America by Amir Hussain on Wednesday, May 23, noon–1:00 in the East Tennessee History Center auditorium. Bring your lunch or pick up something downtown. Drinks are available for fifty cents. Reading the book is optional.

The September 11 attacks and their aftermath have fed a fear of American Muslims, arising from the popular misconception that Islam is a new religion to America.

But Amir Hussain—one of the most important scholars of Islam in America—says, "There has never been an America without Muslims." Hussain chronicles the history of Muslims in North America and their cultural influence, showing how they have been central to the creation of the "American way of life."

Muslims and the Making of America Coverart.jpgAbdul-Ahad is Executive Director of Zero Waste Neighborhoods/Project 2000, Inc. and a long-time member of the Muslim Community of Knoxville. He also serves as logistics and facilities consultant with the Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. He is a member of The Committee for the Development of The Black Community, Rescue and Restoration, and 2017 City Council Movement. He is a past recipient of the Community Shares Danny Mayfield Champion of Change Award, and a 100 Black Men "Man of The Year" recipient. He was presented an Eagle Feather by The Chief of the Seminole Nation.


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