May 14 2009
10:20 am

According to a press release, bottled water uses 2,000 times more energy and is 1,000 times more expensive than tap water, and requires enough fuel to power more than 3,000,000 vehicles a year. Further, plastic water bottles take 1,000 years to biodegrade and 90% of them end up in landfills.

More than 600,000 disposable plastic water bottles were recycled at Bonnaroo last year. This year, Bonnaroo will provide, in addition to free well water, free filtered water refill stations where festival attendees can refill their reusable water bottles. Each reusable water bottle will replace up to 24 plastic water bottles over the four days of the festival.

As part of the promotion, Bonnaroo has teamed up with Stanley to offer a limited edition Bonnaroo stainless steel water bottle, which festival goers can order along with their tickets and pick up on site.

A couple of years ago we virtually eliminated the use of plastic bottled water. We got some Thermos stainless steel bottles (at Walgreens, if I recall). They work great and have paid for themselves many times over as compared to the cost of bottled water. The Stanley line looks pretty nice, too.

(The Thermos bottles aren't suitable for hot drinks like coffee, though. For that you might consider a travel mug or Tervis Tumblers with snap on lids.)

In addition to the refrigerator's built-in filtered ice/water dispenser, we also got a faucet-mount Pur water filter. Filtered tap water makes your coffee taste a hundred times better, and is great for cooking.

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The Thermos bottles aren't

The Thermos bottles aren't suitable for hot drinks like coffee, though

You might have mentioned the reason they aren't suitable. The Thermos bottles keep the coffee too hot for too long. Amazing.

I think this is a great idea. I hope it is successful in reducing the number of plastic water bottles disposed of (recycled) at the festival.

The Stanley water bottles are $22, which is not a bad price. I wonder how many people will do the math to determine that it could be cost effective to purchase the Stanley bottles. Or is it? Can attendees bring in their own bottled water? Bottled water can be purchased by the case for about 25 - 50 cents per bottle.

Also, they better have enough water available to fill everyones bottles and make the water stations very convenient.

It will be interesting to hear the plastic bottle numbers after this year's festival.

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Excellent products

Stanley has gotten some serious gear design help from somewhere. They gave me one of these at the Outdoor Retailer show a couple of years back and it has been indispensible on canoe camping trips since then. (Holds a huge quantity of wilderness margarita, best I remember)

My friend Gordon is using the inner cup, which has a measuring scale on it, to exquisitely adjust proportions properly...


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REI also has teamed with

REI also has teamed with Aladdin/Stanley to recycle water bottles that were pulled from REI's shelves - the outer portion of the mug is made with BPA-laden resin (the parts that touch foods/liquids are non-BPA).



Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

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