Oct 25 2015
09:46 am

We just received notice from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee that our health insurance premiums will increase nearly 55% next year. Our deductible and max out of pocket will increase 13%.


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requests 36% rate increase

BlueCross premium hike (2014)

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Many of the health care

Many of the health care co-op's are folding in large part due to language in the CR-omnibus bill from last year forcing the HHS to be budget neutral. The ones that have folded recently have cited the risk corridor reimbursement monies (promised as I understand it as part of the loan that set them up in the first place) as why they've had to pack it in. BCBS took a hit with that too (even though they're not a co-op, they have to pay into the fund, I think?) - but they have very little motivation to see the co-op's work.

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In June, 2015, I spoke to

In June, 2015, I spoke to someone at the State of TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance about the possible BCBS TN rate health insurance increases. One thing she said was, "The increase for a single policy can be from 16% to 65%, with an average over all policies at 39%." Looking on the bright side, at least our rate increase wasn't the 65%.

Previously we had our BCBS TN health insurance through Farm Bureau. Looking at their website, it doesn't look like they carry BCBS TN any more. It looks like they now sell United Healthcare.

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OT, just a note to say every

OT, just a note to say every civil lawyer I know and respect dealing with insurance companies believes Farm Bureau is a den of thieves.

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I'm confused

Insurance companies now have to take just about anyone thereby greatly increasing their costs. Of course rates will rise just as predicted. I'm not taking a pro or con ObamaCare stance but this is simple economics.

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That, indeed would be a dynamic in the rising prices.

And still the biggest dynamic in terms of overall cost, because we don't participate in the ACA, the costs of our uninsured go back to the ratepayers. The game has changed. Percentage of insurance profit is capped, so to make more money we have to raise prices and expand customer base. In short, the uninsured cost more and that tab is being passed to the ratepayers.

There is an unfortunate overtone with regards to the fundamental damage our governor is doing to the state's healthcare delivery system. There are many deliverer's shutting their doors because they can't afford to take care of the uninsured and underinsured.

I hope we , as Tennesseans, get the opportunity to see whether or not the Affordable Care Act would work here before our provider system is starved and gutted.

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Risk corridor

Knox Mercury does a pretty good job of explaining why the rates are going up on the exchanges. Before this I had never heard of a risk corridor. I knew there was reimbursement built into the original ACA, no idea it had been gutted.


I'm not sure how this affects non-exchange policies unless they are the same pool just sold in different places.

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single-payer health care

Wading through the maze of insurance options and trying to decide on a favorable policy for myself and my family, I am increasing finding myself in favor of universal single-payer health care system in this country.

No more games and everyone needs to pay based on income, this sounds more appealing and fair than any other option I can conceive!

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We just got our BCBS PPO increases and they're just under 3%. There are also some very slight increases in the deductibles, which they attributed to the ACA. (I don't think so.)

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Wow, that's a big difference.

Wow, that's a big difference. That's not even a cost of living increase, is it?

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Opened email from BCBS and my plan increased 9.1% and deductibles had a slight increase. I also have TriCare from the military, but so few doctors will except it I have to keep my BCBS and use TriCare as a copay. Last year TriCare added a $300 deductible before paying copay along with disapproving a few copays from pharmacy.

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The BCBS rip off

1. When the PPACA started enrolling folks into the 'Affordable' care policies on the exchange, BCBS quoted VERY LOW rates for policies. They had one of the highest numbers of newly covered, low income folks who qualified. Then this corporation for greed kept hinting that 'it was losing too much money' and was going to HAVE TO raise rates...then last year their whining became louder...36% increase across the board for this coming year, INCLUDING those who bought one of their policies on the ACA exchange. Now those families covered have to find a new company that will cover them at a price THEY CAN NOW AFFORD. It is simply a matter of the "haves" feeding their greed, and the 'have nots' now searching for insurance they will afford.

2. And re these 'co-ops', I heard a presentation in 2013 by the CEO of CHA and he claimed that he 'made a mistake' and quoted his policies "TOO HIGH" and he was not gaining 'customers'. It makes total sense why this 'business' and other 'insurance co-ops' have closed.

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Rate increases steady at about 7% per year for three years now.

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Under Enrollment problems.

Under Enrolment issues happened as well. (link...)

Lots of people are going to have to switch plans that were using a Co-Op like Community Health Alliance.

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