Aug 25 2010
09:16 am

The KNS has more on the Shaquille O'Neal sightings in Maryville and Alcoa:

...he ate six scrambled eggs with cheese, two waffles and a cheese omelette, says Ton Bradley, Waffle House district manager.

Michael Silence has some exclusive photos here and here. That dude is BIG. (And yes, Michael, that's him.)

From all reports, Shaq is being quite generous about autographs and photos. Tip to would-be paparazzi: shoot vertical, and you will definitely need a wide angle lens.

P.S. We were at one of his first games at the Orlando Arena. He shattered not one, but two backboards. Repairs caused major game delays. The announcers said if he broke another one they would have to call the game because they didn't have any more spares. Fans were going wild. As a countermeasure, the NBA had to develop a Shaq-Proof Backboard.

agrarianurbanite's picture

Walmart and Waffle House?

Walmart and Waffle House? This is where Shaq hangs out? Are we SURE this isn't another gigantic black man posing as Shaq? have you seen any pics?

agrarianurbanite's picture

Finally a picture!!!

Finally a picture!!!

bizgrrl's picture

Too many organic eggs? There

Too many organic eggs? :) There is a link to this picture with the original post.

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Shaq report on Nightline tonight

There was a profile on Shaq tonight on Nightline. His Maryville girlfriend is still with him at his Florida mansion. He is working on a Doctorate in Human Resource Development at Barry University in Miami. He said in the report that he will no longer answer to Shaq after he finishes his degree, only to Dr. O'Neal. Naturally he is in the 1% with an estimated net worth of 250 Million. He expressed concern over all the hard working folks (not the players and owners) who depend upon the NBA for their living (e.g, concession employees) and will be hurt by the NBA strike.

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