Feb 17 2006
09:04 am

Six candidates filed to run for the County Mayor seat being vacated by incumbent Beverly Woodruff for health reasons. There are six Republicans and one Democrat running in the May 2 primary.

Meanwhile, 49 candidates filed to run for County Commission. Out of the 49, there are six Democrats running in the primary. County Commission currently has only one incumbent Democrat.

According to the article, the Blount County Clerk, Highway Superintendent, Register of Deeds, and Trustee are all running unopposed.

One lucky Republican will apparently sail right through the County Commission primary and general elections unopposed. He was the only candidate to file for a seat being vacated by the incumbent, who decided not to run. So, these days you can get a seat on County Commission just by filling out a form. America -- what a country!

Remarkably, it appears there is competition in our district, and we will have R and D choices in the general election for both County Commission and County Mayor.


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