Oct 25 2006
06:01 pm

I'm cross posting this from ToaAW. I was not able to open the new ad via the KNS for some odd reason.

According to the local paper, the RNC has pulled the racist Blonde-bimbo ad.

The Republican National Committee has pulled from the airways a
controversial ad demeaning Senate Democratic nominee Harold Ford Jr.

The RNC apparently intends to replace the ad.

The local paper also perpetuates the already debunked myth of the RNC and Ken Mehlman, that they have no control over "independent expenditures," which this ad does fall under, but there is a much more heinous "behind the curtain" thing going on here, otherwise known as a coordinated effort.

Which brings me to Corker's radio ad...Jungle Drums. 

We got a copy of the ad from a producer from WGOW radio in Chatanooga.
Bill Lockhart, the program director for WGOW, confirmed the
authenticity of the ad and that it's running on the station. "They're
freaking jungle-drums," Lockhart tells us. "It's racist -- it tries to
conjure up deep, dark African moods. Yeah, it's overtly racial

You can hear the radio ad here.

Geeze, these good ole white boys will stop at nothing.

Update: It appears that at least two stations will not run the new Corker/RNC TV ad attacking Ford.

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Giving Mehlman A Dose Of His Own Medicine

See a tongue-in-cheek visual that gives Mr. Mehlman a dose of his own "Innuendo"

Egalia Stanberry's picture

The woman in the ad is quite attractive. Ford shoud be flattered

According to the local paper, the RNC has pulled the racist Blonde-bimbo ad.
Why must the Left keep identifying her as "blonde," you... you... colorists!

As for 'racist freaking jungle drums conjuring up deep, dark African moods'...I wonder if anyone pulled a muscle while grasping for that claim.

Les Jones's picture

Oh, brother

I listened to the ad. I had to listen to it twice to even notice the drums at the beginning, and calling them "jungle drums" is ridiculous. Martial drums is more like it.

The more Ford supporters flog this stuff the more desperate they look.

Hey, Les, why don't we just call each other assholes and get it over with. - Somebody on the old (if that was you, claim your quote and win net.fame!)

WhitesCreek's picture

Hey, Dude, It ain't just us!

The more Ford supporters flog this stuff...

Hey Les...There's still time for you to come on over to our side...It isn't just us card carrying liberals who think KKKorker is a racist. It's the whole freakin' country.


Brian A.'s picture

Still two weeks to go

What are the odds that Corker or the RNC will break out an ad with a urban gang theme? 

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

R. Neal's picture

Actuall, I believe they are

Actuall, I believe they are timpani drums. But quite effective.

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[POST REDACTED because telling off some scummy troll isn't worth giving her ammunition to stir up trouble for the Ford campaign]

CBT's picture

I have to admit, I never

I have to admit, I never could fiure out why some were saying the 'call me' ad was racist. Then I figured out is was just because the girl was white. It frankly never occured to me until Dems pointed it out.

Junior supporters, Republicans are laughing non-stop over the constant publicity you've created over these ads. They couldn't buy this much air time. It drives home the message to people who've never even seen the ad. Plus, our friends in the media go to great lengths to talk about the dialogue. The KNS even had visuals in the paper in addition to the story.

Corker has the 'mo'. Junior peaked the first day of early voting. The polls tell the story. It's been downhill since.


volwoman's picture

CBT, don't kid yourself. The

CBT, don't kid yourself. The Republicans have gotten plenty of publicity about this ad, and it's all bad. I don't think this was one of those cases where any publicity is better than no publicity. As far as the polls, today's SUSA poll which had Corker up 2% last week has them tied at 48% today. There went that "mo".

Sven's picture

I never could fiure out why

I never could fiure out why some were saying the 'call me' ad was racist.

You might be a redneck if....

Tiny Tim's picture

The Call Me Ad was directed at black women voters

The one thing black women can't stand is a black man out chasing white women. The ad was racist, but it wasn't directed to motivate Corkey's folks, it was directed to suppress the black women votes, which if they come, could come in biblical proportions and Corkey may not ever know what hit him.

LissaKay's picture

Is it Nov 8 yet?

Ho. Lee. Crap. Jungle drums? Tell me this is a parody of righteous indignation ... please. A blonde woman winking at a black man is racist? Oh gag. Please, spare me. Would it be better if she was black too? Or would that play into even more racism by presuming that black women are bimbos. (Can a black be a bimbo? Or is that for white blondes only?) All these cries of racism over every little thing is seriously smacking of projection. Seriously, people. Get a grip.

Sure the TV ad was stupid and immature. It was also funny as hell. I'm thinking Ford fans are more upset that they didn't think of this first, more than anything. But he still is getting a pass for his childish antics at the press conference, right?

I see how it is ...

Jungle drums??? Give me a break!

spintrep's picture


since I'm in pollyanna territory on this issue of the bimbo ad in another thread... I'll totally agree that I've noticed other ads using a pace and style of music and image changes within spots that leave the impression of they attempting to cast an urban rap theme behind the message.

But this ad is the most blatant yet, (is it just a radio spot?) The music changes in contrast behind the dialog as they shift between talking about Ford, then Corker, then Ford, then Corker again... I see no way whoever produced this ad could deny this one.
(additional edit: the drum choice on this sounds right out of a Tarzan movie, diff than the urban rap thing I alleged w/ previous ads.)

I had to listen to it twice to even notice... yeah Les, keeping it subliminal makes it more palatable, eh?

Still, ugly as all this crap is, I hope everyone can keep the perspective offered in another thread
by Eleanor A
Yeah, but if Jr gets all tangled up in a debate over nasty campaign tactics, Corker wins: this needs to be about the issues, and Corker can't win there.

Sven's picture

I had to listen to it twice

I had to listen to it twice to even notice the drums at the beginning, and calling them "jungle drums" is ridiculous.

Well, I guess the the story wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Everything's honky dory. Move along, folks.  

Egalia Stanberry's picture

Can't you hear it? It's OBVIOUS, man!

Heh-heh. Little Green Footballs is all over this.

In a campaign filled with manufactured controversies, overhyped scandals, and mean-spirited personal attacks, this is without doubt today’s most idiotic lefty brouhaha: TN-SEN: Corker Radio Ad Has Tom-Tom Drums During Mentions Of Ford.

(Hat tip: Allahpundit.)

Listen to the MP3 included on that page (an ad by GOP candidate Bob Corker), and you’ll hear some fairly standard dramatic music, probably from a stock CD of music samples, featuring what sounds like tympani drums.

But to the lefties, these are ... racist jungle drums!

It’s obvious, man!

This is why we call them the Nutroots.

S Carpenter's picture

Whoops missed it


Whoops missed this entry (sorry CE PETRO) when I posted on the REQUEST entry.

Let me just repeat here that the drums from the ad are about as "George of the Jungle" as they get. "George of the Jungle" theme - scroll down and listen to the clip, 1st tune off the George of the Jungle soundtrack.

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LGF. Figures.

So, you're one of those semen-crusted violence addicts who posts at LGF, huh Egalia?

What's your pseud there?


Forget patriotism. is the last refuge of scoundrels.

R. Neal's picture

E.S. would seem to be in

E.S. would seem to be in violation of one or more of these site rules, don't you think?

Be civil, be ethical, and don't be an idiot. We're trying to be serious here, although we have a sense of humor and certainly aren't opposed to a having a little fun. Don’t troll or post flame bait. Don't post anything threatening, libelous, abusive, obscene or pornographic. Don't post any racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any other type of hate speech.

I'm trying to be pretty tolerant, but a link to LGF? I hope nobody clicks on it.

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Watch the replay of Hardball at 7:00 if you

get MSNBC. I was unsure when I listened to the ad on my computer yesterday. They played the ad on Chris Matthews' show and I could clearly hear the drums.

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