Mar 24 2020
04:32 pm
By: fischbobber

I just got kicked off the SPEAK facebook page. I wasn't being sensitive enough. I think the schools are going to be closed for at least 18 months (a year from next Christmas) and probably for the next two years.


Mar 21 2020
12:17 am
By: fischbobber

It was a bittersweet day. I have a two week planned vacation, I listened to Tim Burchett's town hall meeting, and at the end of these two weeks, I'll be coming back to a world vastly different from the one I'm leaving behind.

Our hospitals will be full and there will be no more room for the sick. We'll look at the Downtown Hilton, or Marriott or whatever the hell it is and ask,"Why didn't we put beds there?" We'll look at our rec centers and wonder why we didn't set up sewing machines and ask for volunteers. Once you make enough masks for the folks sewing, you're golden. Design something that can be washed in bleach, and reused. Take the temperature of every volunteer, every day. Keep spacing 10 x 10 or greater, keep hours per person down and allow conversation.

My garden should be in and my layout and gardening future much more clear. Our menus will come from the garden. It will be the first time since I've started raising kids that I'll get the garden in right. Honestly, it's meat, eggs and dairy. Gardening should be encouraged. It reduces panic food shortages, and it allows for an adjustment period for commodity based businesses. Weigels could retool, restock, drop their prices and compete with the big boys by teaming up with Travis and prepackaged meat.Grocery stores will have to rethink markets and demand, but people will want to get out.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why everyone with a sewing machine isn't sewing surgical masks.

Different isn't about better or worse, different is about different.

Mar 8 2020
01:27 pm

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, the Knox County Democratic convention was held at West High School. Neither Biden nor Sanders reached the cutoff of 145 representatives, so all who showed up and registered to be a selector are eligible to vote for delegates in the district convention.

The crowd was more or less evenly divided between Biden and Sanders supporters with a notable generational divide.

The highlight of the meeting was when the Biden caucus secretary misread his notes and mistook the time for a delegate count and a furor arose in the cheap seats of the Sanders caucus. The issue was quickly resolved and peace was restored.

The District Democratic Convention will be held at Bearden High School on March 21, 2020, with registration starting at 11:00am. Door will be closed at 1:00 pm and caucuses will begin shortly afterword. Two Sanders and two Biden delegates will be selected for the Democratic National convention. Anyone registered as a selector at any of the County Conventions within District 2 will be eligible to vote for the delegate of their choice within their selected caucus.

I understand that asking for consideration as a Sanders Delegate and your vote for such at the District Convention is a blatant self serving plug, but I'm doing it anyway. If you are, or know of a selector in the Sanders caucus, please ask them to vote for me, or vote for me yourself. I endorse Chris Foell as a Biden delegate.

Should you stumble across video of the event at West and wonder who I am, I'm the guy in the blue shirt sitting up high in the audience next to the guy in a UPS uniform and a fellow dressed in black that bears a striking resemblance to Walter White in Breaking Bad. I felt a bit like Bob Uecker in the old "Alone in the Cheap Seats" commercial. It was all I could do to resist jumping up in my chair and yelling, "He missed the tag! He missed the tag!"

Mar 5 2020
03:05 am
By: fischbobber

I have signed up to be a District 2 delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. For that to happen, I must recruit people to show up at West High School this Saturday(March 7) and register in my behalf and then show up again at Bearden High School on March 21 and vote for me. You must have voted in the Knox County Democratic Primary to be eligible to participate, as I understand things.

Should you be inclined to support Joe Biden, a friend of mine through the Democratic Party, Chris Foell, is signed up to be a Biden delegate. He is a competent and honorable man, and should you be looking for a Biden delegate, he is the one I would recommend.

I certainly hope everyone who voted in the Democratic primary will show up at West High school (register from 11:00-1:00) and vote for one of us to represent you at the Democratic National Convention.

Get involved. Be involved.

Jan 31 2013
01:20 am
By: fischbobber

I have an Apple computer and it has always run google in the search area in the upper right hand quarter. I started running searches on this Richard Briggs a little before midnight and was getting Knox county commission and background and a ray of hope that the incompetent bastard misrepresenting me in Nashville might be gone in my lifetime.

Now bing kicks in and all I'm getting is motorcycle mechanics in Pennsylvania. Who owns bing and why do they suck so bad so fast? How do I get rid of them?

Jan 30 2013
05:39 pm

Anyone thinking the local and state party is not at a crossroad and in desperate need of talent isn't paying attention. The reasons for both hope and concern are pretty glaring. For better or worse, if we don't rebrand our positions we will not advance.


Jan 30 2013
12:53 am

Here is the latest. Enjoy.


Jan 10 2013
01:15 am
By: fischbobber


I've posted the results link to the last election here, primarily as an illustration of my foolishness. Silly me, I started out with the premise that Anthony Hancock would need somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000 votes to win his election. I was wrong. Anthony Hancock got over 9600 votes and still did not pull 40% of the vote. What happened?

For lack of a better phrase, machine politics. Tim Burchett is Stacy Campfield who is Steve Hall who is Santa Claus who is Bill Haslam who is Jimmy Duncan etc. etc. etc.....

Republicans have a brand and it brings folks to the polls.

Why don't Democrats have a brand?

I spoke with a pro-gun guy today. We talked of the general uselessness of the AR-15 and the .223 round in general. We spoke of the obligation of a citizen to secure his weapons at all times. We spoke of the relative inefficient nature of the handgun as a means of personal defense. In other words, we found reasonable common ground under the second amendment. Reasonable. There is a brand in absolute contrast with that of the Republicans.

Why aren't we using it?

Jan 10 2013
12:48 am
By: fischbobber

Year in and year out Karns Middle School has the best Chapter Team program in America. Chapter Team is a competition that has to do with Parliamentary procedure and the application of Roberts Rules of Order. The competition is fierce. Year in and year out Bearden Middle hangs out in the top 10, seemingly always behind Karns.

I asked my son why Bearden couldn't ever beat Karns.

"They have girls."

"Why does that matter?"

"Girls are better at it than boys."

I took our exchange as an opportunity to explain, as a progressive, that we are all children of the universe and our gender is irrelevant to our ability to perform intellectual tasks on a level playing field with other humans.

Then I studied the competition. "Point of order," "Point of order," you can do this , you can't do that, there is the rule of 43.b that covers that, etc. The chair recognizes member J. from the floor. That point is not recognized by this committee.

"Son, don't quit."

"Dad. Girls are just better at some things than boys are."

"I feel your pain, son."

Jan 8 2013
10:10 am

I find it curious that the outrage over Dr. Marilyn Brown's exit from the TVA board seems to have evaporated. Her viewpoints struck me as vital to the welfare of the valley, yet we seem to be moving on in a warm fuzzy manner with a D.C. agenda. What gives?

Jan 2 2013
10:36 am
By: fischbobber

5.3% growth during a 0.2% industry drawback. This guy might be on to something.



Sorry about forgetting the link.

Dec 31 2012
12:25 pm

I just invented a topic because this defies description. My niece liked it though.


Dec 20 2012
07:11 pm
By: fischbobber

My wife has a recipe that calls for currants. I found fresh currants at Publix this past weekend.
Since I have a simple direct solution for bringing home the currants, clearly I must be wrong.

My question is this. May one use fresh currants in recipes calling for currants? If not, where does one find processed currants?

Thank you and have a Merry/Happy/Crazy/ Fulfilling/Christmas/Hannakah/Kwanza/Solstice or season.

Dec 15 2012
09:13 am

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

We have quite a bit of controversy about what this sentence means.


Dec 8 2012
06:39 pm
By: fischbobber

Today was the regional competition for TSA. Regionals are generally somewhat low-key and are more about seeing the local competition than anything else.

Karns, Bearden Middle, and Robertson Middle appear to be the strongest teams this year. Once again, I worked concessions, though this year my wife worked it with me so she could correct all the mistakes I was making.

I thoroughly enjoy academic competition. Listening to the kids stories, both in triumph and defeat, is like listening to sports radio about academics. ("Dude, you forgot to count the neutrons, duh! What were you thinking?!")

On a personal note my son's structural engineering team built a structure that withstood 765 pounds of force to win the competition. Second place built a structure that withstood 120 pounds of force. No one but Bearden got to 120 lbs. last year at state and Bearden was disqualified. 500 lbs. is considered the benchmark that is the edge of what's possible and 765 may well be a national record. At this point, the number seems so unbelievable, I feel like I was at Mexico City watching Bob Beamon.

I will post the results as I find them online.

All the kids did an outstanding job and working these events is always a pleasure. Go Bruins!

Nov 24 2012
04:41 pm

Jim Chaney is now undefeated and untied in his stint as U.T.'s head coach. Based on the numbers, he is now the greatest, most successful coach in U.T. history. Can we afford to let a guy with this kind of S.E.C. resume' get away? What a record. It's hard to beat perfect.

Nov 23 2012
01:20 pm
By: fischbobber


While watching the events unfold about Susan Rices role in the Benghazi attack, I thought back to the discussion on this board and about what a sane and rational group of people this actually is when compared to the rest of the world.

This is from the Upworthy newsletter. Abbott and Costello rule!

Nov 8 2012
12:51 am
By: fischbobber

Between Gloria Johnson's victory and the dominant showing by Obama, I should be happy. But I'm not.


Oct 31 2012
02:07 am
By: fischbobber

There will be a junior golf clinic at The Wee Course at Williams Creek on election day. The cost is fifteen dollars per child. I think that includes instruction, range balls , nine holes of golf and lunch. Don't hold me to that. Ask questions when you call them and make your reservation for all your and your neighbor's children. See you there.

It starts at nine A.M. sharp.

Oct 25 2012
12:50 am
By: fischbobber

Camparoo is this weekend and I'm currently unprepared. There's issues at work, in the yard, with the doctor, with the girls at the doctor doing the billing and different ones with the girls drawing the blood and sending it off for testing and issues with who even needs to be drawing the damn blood and paying for all this crap to begin with. Access to overtime is down, the cost of batteries is up and I miss my pick-up truck more than I've ever missed anything in my life.


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