Mar 22 2017
05:43 pm

Tennessee on national TV again

“They say Murfreesboro is about as Middle East as you can get.”

Other supporters suggest locking up "anyone that runs against (Trump)" in 2020, and explain their preference for "Trumpcare" over "Obamacare."

"As long as it says 'Trump,' you won't be thinking about how bad it is," a young supporter tells Klepper.

'The Daily Show' was at Trump's Nashville rally

Go Vols


Old news to Knoxviews ...

A new study suggests Tennessee isn't paying its way in America as the state's residents and government are taking more from the federal government than they're putting in.

The new report, released today, figures Tennessee’s state government is the third most-dependent state on federal funding, a figure derived from the proportion of state revenue that comes from the federal government in the form of intergovernmental aid. It also estimates Tennessee residents are the 20th most-dependent on federal aid, which was calculated by dividing federal funding to state’s residents by IRS collections from state residents.

Study: Tennessee among the most federally dependent states


President Trump is poised in the coming days to announce his plans to dismantle the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s climate change legacy, while also gutting several smaller but significant policies aimed at curbing global warming.


“As to climate change, I think the president was fairly straightforward: We’re not spending money on that anymore,” Mr. Mulvaney said at a White House briefing.

Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy


Rep. Rick Staples is sponsoring a bill that would require testing school tap water for lead in schools built before 1986. For some reason, Rep. Eddie Smith opposes it.

In Knox County, it would cost about $20,000 per year. Wonder how much a class action lawsuit would cost if a parent or principal decided to test their school's water on their own and found lead and nobody had done anything about it?

Anyway, Betty Bean has the story...

Mar 21 2017
12:41 pm

So USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee (which I assume is somebody in Nashville) writes about "What's behind the rise in protestors in Tennessee?" (link...)

Caleb Banks from Spring Hill says, "“A lot of people who were never involved before are getting involved now. And I think that’s where the shock and awe is coming from Republicans,” Banks said, “They haven’t seen anything like this since they’ve been in office."

“Most of these organizers don’t organize with either party,” Banks said, “These grassroots organizers are trying to hold every politician accountable.”

And then the article quotes mansplaining from Steve Gill, a right-wing talk radio expert: But that might be one of their downfalls, according to Gill. Unless they can rally around one pointed issue, they will continue to be written off, he said.

And the article notes how the local Democrats are clueless:But Democrats are struggling to bridge the gap between these self-organizing groups and the party. Bernie Ellis, one of the organizers of the Blackburn alternative town hall, posted a message to supporters on Facebook before the event expressing how surprised he was that the Williamson County Democrats had not heard about them yet.

Do they not yet get the fact this is not a two-party (or bipartisan!) effort and that there are multiple issues that citizens want to speak up about to our "representatives" because they don't feel heard? Even NPR is leaning very conservative with every comment about liberal or progressive policies followed by a "balancing" point of view. I'm tired of the media.

Mar 21 2017
06:08 am

From the City of Knoxville South Waterfront office...

Please join City Mayor Madeline Rogero and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, and the team that brought you SoKno Taco in celebrating South Knoxville's newest neighborhood restaurant!

What: SoKno Taco Grand Opening with Mayors Madeline Rogero and Tim Burchett

Where: 3701 Sevierville Pike (Limited parking on site). Walk-up parking at Baker Creek Bottoms (1 Block away at 3700 Lancanster Drive).

When: Friday, March 31st at 4:30pm

We hope you can make this celebration of the newest neighborhood bar/restaurant in the Urban Wilderness!

SEE ALSO: SoKno Taco | Facebook

Mar 20 2017
08:11 pm

Much has been said here about the decline of Ruby Tuesday. No need to rehash all that.

But tonight we were making homemade quiche and French onion soup (well, mostly homemade, with some assists).

It occurred to us that this used to be one of our favorite meals at the old Ruby Tuesday. We recalled how you could still order it off the menu for a while after they started expanding and messing with their winning formula.

It was a sad day the last time we asked for it, after the corporate suits had taken over, and their hipster servers talking on their iPhones while ignoring you didn't even know what it was, or anything about the restaurant's history or their first location off Cumberland Ave.

Anyway, things change, time marches on. Now Ruby Tuesday is circling the drain and looking for a buyer, who will likely run it even further into the ground. Very sad.

At least our quiche and French onion soup was pretty great tonight.

Mar 20 2017
11:09 am

Today's Knox County Commission workshop agenda has two resolutions that would pave the way for establishing a "Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center located at 3343 Dewine Road to provide an alternative to jail for qualified low risk offenders who in the opinion of the arresting officer or Judge, have exhibited signs of mental illness and/or substance abuse, and for whom treatment rather than incarceration will be beneficial."

One resolution is for a contract with Helen Ross McNabb to operate the facility. The other resolution is for a lease agreement for the facility.

Local officials have discussed the idea for years. The City and the County have both allocated funds. According to news reports, Gov. Haslam has set aside state funding in this year's budget.

Agenda item R-17-3-904: Defined Services Contract

Agenda item R-17-3-905: Lease Agreement


KNS: Knox County Commission to consider safety center

WBIR: Burchett: Knox Co. safety center will open in 2017

WATE: Knoxville community concerned over proposed safety center

Mar 19 2017
12:24 am

Chuck Berry, a music pioneer often called "the Father of Rock 'n' Roll," died Saturday at his home outside St. Louis, his verified Facebook page said. He was 90.



One health care "reform" idea being tossed around is Medicaid block grants. It appears Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) inquired to the CBO regarding how this might work. They responded, in part:

I understand from committee staff that there is interest in designing an option for a state to receive funding through a block grant with financial parameters comparable to the per-enrollee cap. The grant would be coupled with new flexibility, by which the federal government could cede more control to states for a range of program features. In CBO’s judgment, depending on the specifics of the proposal, such an option could be more attractive to some states than the AHCA’s per-enrollee cap, and its inclusion in the legislation would have budgetary effects relative to those under both current law and the AHCA.

The CBO also mentions that "The effects of various choices could interact in complicated ways."

Republican governors have advocated replacing Medicaid with a block grant program. Can you imagine the federal government giving the state of Tennessee billions of dollars for health care services with little or no oversight or regulation?

Also, can you imagine that Rep. Diane Black is chairman of the House Budget Committee?


CBO Letter to the Honorable Diane Black regarding establishing a Medicaid block grant

Kaiser Health News: Everything You Need To Know About Block Grants — The Heart Of GOP’s Medicaid Plans

Forbes: Opposition Mounts To Trump's Medicaid Block Grant Idea
(money quote: "The less you know about Medicaid, the more block grants make sense.")

Mar 17 2017
02:44 pm
By: Doug Veum  shortURL

John Stewart will host UTK's United Campus Workers' representatives Tom Anderson and Jon Schefner on Democratic TV Friday night, March 17th at 7:30 PM.

They will examine one of the most critical and impending issues facing the citizens of Tennessee—Gov. Haslam’s proposal to outsource and privatize the management of people-owned properties to private, profit-making enterprises located outside of Tennessee. That is why people of all sorts and political persuasions are crying out” “Tennessee is NOT for Sale!”

Watch this discussion this evening at 7:30, on these channels--
Comcast 12
WOW! (Knology) 6
Charter 193
AT&T U-verse 99
or watch it live on your computer (here)

Mar 17 2017
02:02 pm

Trump spent years trying to convince American citizens that Obama was not a citizen. Now he and his close employees are spending a lot of time trying to convince American citizens that Trump was wiretapped by Obama. It is slowly being proven that no wiretapping occurred. However, the Trump administration continues to say it did happen but in different words. They've even brought the British into it.

Why does the 45th president hate the 44th president so much? Is it the color of his skin? Is it because he is so cool, calm, and debonair?

Mar 17 2017
06:19 am

Today we have a Red-Bellied Woodpecker that has been hanging around the feeders for a few weeks. Click the image for some other poses. Taken through a window across the back yard, severely cropped.

Mar 17 2017
12:06 am

With the recent reminders of the impact of voting, and not voting ...

Election Schedule for 2017

Mar 16 2017
09:02 pm

Because the article is probably behind the paywall, here are some highlights.

Rosamond has more than 25 years of experience in media advertising sales management in top-10, mid-size and small markets throughout the United States. He joins Gannett Company Inc. from SuddenLink, a cable and digital broadband company owned by Altice USA.

A self-described senior sales executive, digital media evangelist and transformation leader, Rosamond prides himself on being able to recruit and train high-achieving sales professionals by using a consultative selling approach to maximize client return on investment and build long-term relationships.

Rosamond sees the News Sentinel as having a dual role in the Knoxville-area community.

"It's a case where it's our job to make sure we provide our audience with relevant, local content that is important in day-to-day lives, and to make sure we help local advertisers understand that, while there is a paradigm shift in media, it's our job to cut through that clutter for them and help them best utilize that to help their businesses grow," Rosamond said. "So, I think we have a content responsibility as well as a marketing responsibility to the communities that we're a part of."

Ok, then.

Mar 16 2017
07:24 am
Mar 16 2017
06:43 am

Ashley Capps' internationally acclaimed Big Ears Festival kicks off one week from today. In an op-ed in todday's paper, Ashley says:

On over 100 occasions during the four days of March 23-26, the Big Ears Festival will defy expectations and limitations in downtown Knoxville.

Big Ears already has become one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in the world. With its unexpected home in Knoxville, it has changed the world’s perception of our city. Visitors are coming from all over — Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond, from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Big Ears also has influenced the way we see our city and community — its beauty, its character, its charm as well as our possibilities through working together of what we might become, what we might achieve.

More info:

Big Ears Festival 2017 | Lineup... | Tickets...

Mar 16 2017
05:49 am

"For want of a comma, we have this case."

Oxford comma or not? The nerdiest dispute ever plays out in court

And not for the first time. Commas have a long history of causing trouble.


City press release...


Because of a change in a City ordinance to reflect state law, anyone retrieving a vehicle from the City of Knoxville Impoundment Lot will now need to present proof of insurance. City Council approved the revised ordinance on second reading at its meeting on March 14.

State of Tennessee law requires all vehicle owners to have insurance. Under the revised City ordinance, anyone seeking to retrieve a vehicle from the lot on Vice Mayor Jack Sharp Road in East Knoxville must bring proof of insurance, a government-issued picture ID, a licensed driver, and proof of vehicle ownership. They also must pay any fees for towing and storage at the Impoundment Lot.

The Impoundment Lot is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but vehicles are only released between 8 a.m. and midnight.


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