Betty Bean reports...

The man accused of assaulting the protester is a high level executive at Humana. Gloria Johnson witnessed the incident. A comment on her facebook page said Humana is aware of it and they are looking into it.

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Note to Trump inspired thugs:

Note to Trump inspired thugs: If you are in a public place speaking to a group of people, anyone has the right to make a video recording of you.

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AND you have no right to put

AND you have no right to put your hands on anybody. That's assault.

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Let's hope he doesn't get

Let's hope he doesn't get away with it as so many people do.

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I wonder what happened

I wonder what happened between early 2016 and now to make civility regarding differing political beliefs not a thing anymore?

Ironic LinkedIn article is ironic

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Jack Welch Management

Jack Welch Management Institute

Disciple of "stack ranking"

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That guy's claim that Humana

That guy's claim that Humana pays 56% in taxes is also misleading.

They pay an insurance company fee that is assessed to all insurance companies (and medical device companies and others) to fund various ACA provisions such as exchange subsidies and Medicaid expansion. It is more like an excise tax, or a sales tax that they pass along to consumers.

If I'm not mistaken, the fee is suspended for 2017. That brings their effective tax rate more in line with the 35% corporate income tax rate.

And the only reason it's that high for them is because the business they are in makes it harder to offshore or otherwise cook the books to shield earnings from income taxes.

In other words, typical privileged white male/corporate victimology and resentment.

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Humana is animal spelled backwards.

Well, close. It's perfect if you say it like a neanderthal.

Your information is appreciated in its sharing.

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The victim has hired Dennis

The victim has hired Dennis Francis, according to an update to Bean's story.

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In the words of my orthopedic

In the words of my orthopedic surgeon brother: "There's usually a really good reason that medical doctors end up working for insurance companies."

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Update: Assault warrant

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link is not working

link is not working

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Working link

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Thanks. Fixed. Also, WBIR

Thanks. Fixed. Also, WBIR reporting that he is no longer employed at Humana.

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Did Humana make a change?

EDIT: Ha, see WBIR mention above.

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