Jul 22 2009
07:47 am

UPDATE: It's official: TNDP: President Clinton To Speak at Jackson Day

That's the tweet from Sean Braisted. No official word from the TNDP yet.

UPDATE: TNDP Chair Chip Forrester could not confirm or deny on the record.

R. Neal's picture

See update. It's official.

See update. It's official.

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

I received a text message

I received a text message from the TNDP's text subscriber network at 11:15 this morning confirming that President Clinton will be the speaker. The message says that tickets go on sale Friday.

bill young's picture

We cranking up!!!

Bill Clinton @ Jackson Day is the kick off for
the 2010 elections!!!!!!

We didn't see it coming in '08.

We working to get it back in '10!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Axel's picture

We didn't see it coming in

We didn't see it coming in '08.

Maybe you, but not we.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

bill young's picture


My we is the old guard Democrats.

So I shoulda said me & the rest of old guard
Democrats didn't see it coming.

For the 36 years I've been votin' I'd heard the
Republicans were going to take the Tn.House.

I took it hook line & sinker that if the presidential
nominee didn't get 60% of the vote there were no coatails
for that party's Tn House ticket.

I was wrong & folks like me help cost us that

And I hope because we fucked it up so bad last time
we haven't fucked it up for next time too.

It's tuff to take it back.
But we are working hard for '10.

And next time is big time for how it shakes out
for a decade.

Like Harry says..the '10 elections are for

J's picture

Wow Bill Young! I think a

Wow Bill Young! I think a lot of us made assumptions. I sure did and I'm one of the youngins. The important thing is that we're ALL gonna fight like h*11 for the House. I think the TNGOP will be in for some surprises this year, especially as they focus on the GOP Gubernatorial Primary and the GOP US-3rd District Primary. Inevitably, they will be stretched VERY thin as all of their major talent and money focuses on those races. That's where we democrats can really capitalize and take advantage on the leg and getting behind our Gubernatorial candidate. In this economy, the money the TNGOP is going to blow in their primaries is not so easily replaced and can be played to their disadvantage.

bill young's picture


I understand the Democrats got a good candidate in the 10th district.
Larry Mullins is already cranking up to try to hold the 10th.

Incumbent John Litz is running for Hamblen County mayor.

J's picture

Hamblen County is a hard

Hamblen County is a hard place to read. I wish Litz hadn't decided to leave his seat for Mayor. Honestly, things have gotten so bad in Morristown (from the height of prosperity to one of the highest unemployment rates) that whoever gets the job of Hamblen Co. Mayor is in for a very hard road. Industry is drying up fast and although relations between latin@s and natives have been pretty good for years, I don't know if that will last now that everybody is competing for jobs rather than being able to walk in any place and instantly get a job. People are even keeping jobs at McDonald's now and their turnover rates used to be huge.

bill young's picture

10th district

I've helped on a few Democratic campaigns for the
Tn.House 10th district.Won a some lost some.

For example,I helped both David Miller & Gary Johnson.
Sadly both have passed.

David won in '74 lost in '76 & '78
to JB Shockley.

Gary lost the first time then won a couple
before losing.

Oddly, both JB & Gary were later elected
Morristown mayor.

Hamblen County elects both Democrats & Republicans
to the state house.

It's a big for the Democrats to retain the 10th district.

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