Apr 23 2008
11:09 am

Knox County Elections Administrator Greg Mackay advises that financial disclosures for Knox County candidates are now available online at the Election Commission's website. Files are exact PDF copies of the reports as filed. Nice work!

Greg Mackay: "Think of the gas we are saving. It is crazy to have to drive to the Courthouse for a piece of paper."

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Most intersting thing I saw

Most intersting thing I saw giving them a quick scan:

Knox County Sheriff's race:

J.J. Jones, balance on hand $54,655
Randy Tyreee, balance on hand $ 4,217


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Interesting indeed, the Jim

Interesting indeed, the Jim Jones war chest is the most impressive out of all of the candidates. Looking at the primary, money should not be so much an issue this time around. Lee Trammel and Scoobie Moore spent tens of thousands of dollars against their competition and didn't even garner enough support to get them out of the teens. Tyree was outspent 10-1 last year and got 47% of the vote. Name recognition will be key, it seemed to have cost most of the incumbent in the January vote. We shall see…

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They ought to post Ragsdale's 2006 forms just for giggles

To see all the prominent Knoxvillians who were trying to move the community forward but are really just reimbursing Mike Ragsdale's personal expenses and providing an additional account to fight over within the Ragsdale v. Ragsdale "nuts in a jar" loser leave town shootout.

Maybe once they get the beer permit over at the Tommy Bowl, Judge Swann will move the proceedings over there, put up the cages, ring the bell, and let her mow him down for the public's entertainment.

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