Mar 16 2017
06:43 am

Ashley Capps' internationally acclaimed Big Ears Festival kicks off one week from today. In an op-ed in todday's paper, Ashley says:

On over 100 occasions during the four days of March 23-26, the Big Ears Festival will defy expectations and limitations in downtown Knoxville.

Big Ears already has become one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in the world. With its unexpected home in Knoxville, it has changed the world’s perception of our city. Visitors are coming from all over — Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond, from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Big Ears also has influenced the way we see our city and community — its beauty, its character, its charm as well as our possibilities through working together of what we might become, what we might achieve.

More info:

Big Ears Festival 2017 | Lineup... | Tickets...



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