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Nobody can craft a story quite like Betty Bean. The amount of research that went into this piece is impressive, but then again, her work always is.

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Great article. I remember the

Great article. I remember the name Con Hunley from my youth. Never heard him play. We didn't cross the river that much. Did see him on Market Square in the last 5-10 years at some music event. The crowds opened up as he walked through and many wanted to shake his hand and speak with him. He certainly is a star in Knoxville.

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Enjoyed the article

I've had the privlege of first meeting Con right around the time he signed with WB. He's had his share of ups and downs but is definitely one of the good guys. His parents (God rest their sweet souls) raised him well.

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Thanks, y'all. Photog David

Thanks, y'all.
Photog David Luttrell did a fantastic job on the art for this. The cover shot is absolutely killer.

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I remember hearing Con at the Corner Bar. Don't remember the gals hanging on him. Alcohol got the best of him and his career. It was not the "hats". Used to listen to him and Marvin Russell at Cas Walker's Village Barn on Asheville Highway. Cas let his son-in-law run the place while he got on TV and preached against beer.

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