Mar 16 2008
11:30 am

I expected to see Chattanooga in there.

The lists

Knoxville is ranked sixth best in Tennessee

We have some good walking areas but walking for everyday life tasks is tougher to implement.

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It's a good thing they

It's a good thing they linked "a high number if people ride mass transit" in Knoxville to UT. Otherwise, I can't imagine what the number is for a low number of people riding mass transit.

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I dunno, it's close to SRO on the 8:15 11A most mornings long past the strip.

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Yeah, it's incredibly low. I

Yeah, it's incredibly low. I have some info saved from when I was putting a paper together for college. It's something like 85% that drive to work alone and 0.2% take public transport. Only 2.2% walk.

make that 85% 90 percent if you're in Farragut :o

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