Jan 21 2013
03:09 pm

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For me...

...the best part was the linking of Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall on a continuum of expanding personal liberty.

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Seneca, Selma, Stonewall


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I would like to know who

I would like to know who wrote that sentence. Brought tears to my eyes. Masterful job.

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Even a first ever LBGT

Even a first ever LBGT contingent in the parade. I hope they're dressed more modestly than I'm used to seeing, what with the chill and all.

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That’s Why We’re Not

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You have been duped

You have been duped. Go to the website above the words on the sign.

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Actually you have been

Actually you have been duped.

I made that sign here today and uploaded it to my website here.

The church sign generator has been online long before says-it took it over a few years ago.

Here is you another one from my site:

And one of my favorites:

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Kenny entertains us with a new fake marquee every now and then, Steve.

This one relating to today's inauguration wasn't his first.

(However, a couple of years age the marquee at the Oral Baptist Church in Lenoir City, which a couple of friends of mine posed in front of, really did read "Loose lips will get you in some tight places.")

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The Obamas crack me up.

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Inauguration Day, 1913

Inauguration Day, 1913 from Shorpy. Click the little one to see the big one.

I must say I would like to see those formal top hats again on special occasions.

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