Nov 10 2012
08:09 am

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet or not. I just stumbled across it, and haven't quite checked out how correct it is or isn't. Apparently the info to put this chart together comes from fox business.

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Non educate state

Dear Knoxviews:

Dealing with educated people is so much easier than dealing with slightly less educated people.. And slightly is an understatement. Why can't everyone be so educated here in Knoxville? But just because everyone has the opportunity does not mean that they will accept the opportunity. aren't Americans lazy? No they aren't.they are just accustomed from elementary and high school to being told what to do every minute and to being given busy work that has no educational purpose. Sorry, what I saw little bit in Tennessee, did not have any purpose. School for teenagers should make them very thirsty for the world and for education. The issue here is the Bible belt state. Religion...religion...make me think how people can apply for the lives and minds a book that I was written a centuries ago? Ok ok for some people the Bible still holds many great stories to explain morals from a different perspective. However, I always say that the greatest enemy of morality is partiality. Religions have our first moral codes. We create gods to do just that, so they show us to make a better way of what we've been doing already. It was our first teachers, for good and for evil.
I think the strong bible culture here influence in the mind and lives of the people. What I am saying is: I also think that you're the judge of who you are going to be, and not anyone else, even though they may influence you. It influence so bad, in their behaviors too. They influence so bad who we are, do y know why? I have a concept on my own that all animals are atheists, and all people one day have been atheists, without exception. Babies are born without knowledge who God is. I have questioned the difference between reason and faith. Why did I bring this matter? Living here my friend. Live here is quiet shock at the first instance and it no go way, just get worse. Knoxville is "heavily influenced" by religion, but n the other hand, it is not.I don't think that Knoxville is heavily influenced by religion, I think Knoxville is heavily influenced by what you look like in that religion. It's more of a social standing than a choice here. This matter can take a long and nice conversation; the matter of what is wrong and what is right; what is ethical and what is unethical (to me) is a subjective. If we determined an individual based on these words, I can tell you that we are being such moralist. , I saw on a bumper sticker recently: "In the beginning, Man created God." I think it apply well to my thinking. Morality has NOTHING to do with doing well; its sole purpose is to tell others what to do.
I really enjoy educating myself.

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Schooled not Educated

They are just accustomed from elementary and high school to being told what to do every minute and to being given busy work that has no educational purpose. Sorry, what I saw little bit in Tennessee, did not have any purpose.

Teresinha... The authentic type of education you desire is dangerous to the plutocracy and the good ol' boys who run this joint. That is why schooling and education is such a battle ground. It is the battle for power. I struggle with schooling as busy work everyday. The undergrads I teach today have had everything presented to them as dead content knowledge to be internalized and re-produced on demand. The minute I introduce complexity and ambiguity they fall apart... not because they are not intelligent. They have been given no opportunity to think critically. They have been trained; not educated.

Thanks for joining the conversation!

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You can't have education tied exclusively to...

...standardized testing and expect to come out in the top rankings for education. The best private schools don't rely on standardized testing. Why should the public schools?

Because--if you look at the situation from a profoundly cynical standpoint, as I do--the private schools are producing the business and political leaders, and the public schools are producing the workers. It's a nasty little bit of social engineering that is only going to get worse with this state legislature.

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