Jul 29 2007
09:07 pm

Betty Bean has the scoop on the now infamous Lobster Lunch. Apparently Bean is the only reporter who can get to Diane Jordan and Margie Loyd for the real story. Read it here (link...)

Whatever it takes...whatever it takes.

Tamara Shepherd's picture

But copy of receipt ran in N-S?

Chad (or Betty, really), I'm confused by Jordan's explanation that the "lobster to go" aspect of the N-S story was just her own embellishment told to friends.

When I read that, I reached for my July 13 N-S, still here in the house, to double-check my recollection. Yeah, that Regas receipt, complete with date, time, and itemized charges (as well as a notation as to the skimpy tip left) appeared as a photocopy on the front page.

It sure looks to me like the receipt tape details four lobster tails, total. What gives?

CBT's picture

Two per meal equals four?

Two per meal equals four?

Bbeanster's picture

Chad is correct. Two tails

Chad is correct.
Two tails per meal.
Two more orders would have run the price up to nearly $400.

Up Goose Creek's picture

Do tell

"Plus, he knew down the road that he’d need me.”

For what? fashion advice? Surely not for wholesale vote procurement. Isn't there something unamerican about that?
Less is the new More - Karrie Jacobs

Tamara Shepherd's picture

Single lunch @ $75.95?

So, you mean a *single* lobster tail lunch, which includes two tails, runs $75.95, plus tax and tip?

Wow. I see how the tape can be read that way, I just didn't know it was possible to buy that expensive a lunch here in Knoxvillle...

edens's picture

Shoulda gone to Chandlers...

Shoulda gone to Chandler's...

D Mac's picture


I just called Regas. One lobster tale, 9 oz. goes for $48.95. Two tails, 18 oz. goes for $77.05.

I love lobster, but 18 oz is alotta lobsta.

Maybe Diane took one tail home in a box?


Sandra Clark's picture

Maybe Diane took one tail

Maybe Diane took one tail home in a box?

I can't believe county government has come to this!

Don Bosch called it "The Lobster that Ate Knox County."

-- s.

mbradley's picture

You know, a company (Regas)

You know, a company (Regas) hasn't gotten this much unanticipated publicity since Tim Burchett sold mulch by the interstate... If I owned a used car lot, I'd be giving away a free lobster with every car purchase. Think of all the marketing possibilities...

Sandra Clark's picture

If I owned a used car lot,

If I owned a used car lot, I'd be giving away a free lobster with every car purchase.

Where's Lumpy when you need him? -- s.

knoxvegas99's picture


Where's Lumpy when you need him?

Hauling in lobsters at Rum Cay, the family's Bahamas hideaway.

Larry Van Guilder

Factchecker's picture

Where's Lumpy when you need him?

Where's Lumpy when you need him? -- s.

I hope for his sake somebody needs him. (Maybe somebody needin' an uhl filter. EDIT: Maybe he just sells an uhl filter within a package that includes a whole set of tahrs, but I would not buy a used car or anything else from him.)

Knox County definitely does not.

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