Dec 16 2010
06:01 am

BONUS: Ice pics from around the yard by the Mrs...

Morning icecapade report after the jump...

Earlier you could ice skate on my driveway. The streets, sidewalks, trees, lawn, gardens etc. were coated with a solid sheet of ice. It looks like it may have snowed a little before that, but the sleet and freezing rain melted most of it down into ice.

There are earlier reports of 1900 KUB customers without power. I-75 between Chattanooga and Atlanta was shut down after 300 crashes reported.

The temperature is starting to rise a little and the precipitation has changed to mostly rain, which appears to be melting the ice off the streets. I imagine there will still be some pretty slick spots by drive time, though, so be careful. Or better yet, stay home until it's all gone.

School closings...

Current conditions...

Overnight conditions, accident reports...

National Weather Service advisories...

UPDATE: TDOT: State Route 72 both directions in Roane County - Between LOUDON-ROANE COUNTY LINE (Mile Marker: 0.0) and SR-58 RT. & LT. (Mile Marker: 7.60), extremely hazardous winter road conditions were reported at 12/16/2010 2:00:00 AM with travel not recommended on this roadway.

UPDATE: TDOT: State Route 61 both directions in Roane County - Between UNDERPASS [73I00400005]: I-40 / BEGIN S. ROANE ST. and ROANE-ANDERSON COUNTY LINE, extremely hazardous winter road conditions were reported at 12/16/2010 with travel not recommended on this roadway.

UPDATE: TDOT: Interstate 75 southbound in Campbell County - Crash at MILE MARKER 137 reported at 12/16/2010 4:20:00 AM and estimated to be cleared by 12/16/2010 7:30:00 AM (Eastern Time Zone). Southbound traffic is affected with all lanes blocked.

UPDATE: KAT buses on limited routes...

UPDATE: @newstucker: Viewer call: live power lines down at the corner of Brown and 6th in North Knoxville off N. Broadway..avoid that area.

UPDATE: @tearsasmith: KUB: 5000+ customers without power.. largest communities Halls, Fountain City, Western Avenue, Blaine, Blaine, East Knoxville

UPDATE: TDOT 511 road info hotline reported down...

UPDATE: TDOT SmartWay reporting Extremely Hazardous road conditions on I-40/I-81 east of Kodak and patches of snow and ice on all major roadways in the area. No incidents currently mapped for the Knox/Blount county area.

UPDATE: Knox Co. Mayor's Office message to employees: Employees are encouraged to use their best judgment when deciding when to report to work. "The important thing is to put safety first," Mayor Tim Burchett said. "It’s better to arrive at work late than to put your life in danger by traveling on icy roads." Members of the public needing to conduct business with Knox County are asked to call county offices ahead of time to ensure that those offices are operating normally and on schedule. Outlying health dept. clinics are closed. Solid Waste convenience centers will open late.

UPDATE: Knox Co. Libraries will open two hours later than their normal opening times, which vary by location. Knox Co. Senior Centers will open late at 10AM.

UPDATE: 8:30 AM and the rain has stopped here but the driveway, sidewalks and streets actually seem a little worse, like the rain that was starting to melt the ice is now sitting there freezing. Temp still hovering around 32. Streets have patchy ice and slush where a few cars have been by. No idea what it's like on the artery roads and Alcoa Highway. I ain't going out there.

UPDATE: National Weather Service extends freezing rain advisory until noon today.

UPDATE: Knox County officials say that library patrons not able to make it to the library to return books on time due to inclement weather have a 24-hour grace period to avoid late fees.

bizgrrl's picture

Just heard sirens. Don't know

Just heard sirens. Don't know if they are on Alcoa Hwy or somewhere a little closer. Guess some emergency personnel are getting out and about.

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What Happened at Y-12?

Good Lord, WBIR-TV just announced that Y-12 changed from an earlier announced 10:00 AM start time to noon.

When I was there they loved to brag about caring for employee safety while expecting us to be there on time come hell or high water.

smalc's picture

It was probably the right

It was probably the right decision roads really didn't improve until 11 or so.

I had a neighbor who was killed 2 or 3 years ago on Bethel Valley Road at ORNL. Slid on ice, off the road, and hit a tree.

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My new YakTrax are working

My new YakTrax are working pretty good so far. I'm still not taking many chances, but it is interesting to test the product.

onetahiti's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much for posting the lovely photos. :)

-- OneTahiti

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