Sep 21 2014
09:54 pm
By: xmd  shortURL

Just have to say the new Bar Marley has a very bright future. If it all pans out according to their website I believe it will be one of K'towns best places to be.

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Also see Cafkia's post.

Also see Cafkia's post.

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We went by Saturday. There was a huge difference from their advertisement and the actual opening. There was no food, they had a Taco truck come by around 4 but there were some bad feelings as they weren't taking shells as cash which was advertised. The Band was good, there was free beer. I will wait a month and check it out again.

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I'm rooting for them all the

I'm rooting for them all the way, but somebody forgot that things like code inspections take 10 times as long as they should. Even a month sounded optimistic, peeking into the building where the kitchen area looks like Dresden!

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Sounds like

it was a "Soft" opening. Not everything in place, more like an introduction to the neighborhood and a way for them to work kinks out.

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Guess they got over zealous.

Guess they got over zealous. Shouldn't have announced it as a Grand Opening for Sept 20.

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Yeah, I'm rooting for them

Yeah, I'm rooting for them too. I hope they get the kinks worked out.

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Sorry, kids

Bar Marley probably won't ever open, and it definitely isn't opening next week.


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Okay, so first I thought the

Okay, so first I thought the guy didn't know about the hazardous material, and I was feeling all bad for him. Then I read about how TDEC has repeatedly tried to work with him and he's ignored them.

I was looking forward to Bar Marley but now I don't think the guy deserves my business.

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This is definitely *not* a case of him not knowing what he was getting into before buying the property, much less planning to open a restaurant on it.

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An update

An update on the Bar Marley situation: Despite what the owner says in a video on Facebook, the city says it won't be issuing a Certificate of Occupancy until environmental concerns are addressed.


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