Dec 16 2017
09:21 am

Apparently, the 2019 Budget draft from the CDC was returned for correction. The CDC was given a list of banned words this administration does not want to see in budget requests. Those words include

  • vulnerable
  • entitlement
  • diversity
  • transgender
  • fetus
  • evidence-based
  • science-based

Some of these words were given verbally and some of these words/phrases were given alternate wording.
Considering the work the CDC does, how can one justify banning the above words?

Metulj From the Lurkzone's picture

vulnerable = "at risk,"

vulnerable = "at risk," "lacking resilience"
entitlement = "income eligibility program"
diversity = "heterogeneity"
transgender = "non-specified gender identity"
fetus = "prenatal cellular mass"
evidence-based/science-based = "empirical"

They are doing the same thing with NSF grants as well.

Rachel's picture

This, of course, is b.s. I'm

This, of course, is b.s. I'm particularly troubled by the "science-based" and "evidence-base" ban. What's the CDC supposed to use to make decisions? Magic-based? Witch doctor-based?

R. Neal's picture

Pharmaceutical lobby based.

Pharmaceutical lobby based.

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