Nov 4 2006
01:34 pm
By: JustJohnny

Most of the bloggers in east Tennessee know, or know of, the fine people over at I've been reading the latest updates this morning and things aren't looking good for GAC (AT's spouse). Please take a minute and stop over to offer support to AT during this difficult time.

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I'd never read this blog

I'd never read this blog before, but it's just awful to follow what's happened to her. This started out as the flu and progressed into renal failure? Am i reading this right?
Just horrible....

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Oh, Dear-- Things are

Oh, Dear--
Things are looking bad over at AT's place. Sure wish there was something I could do.
I'm drawn to this blog, whitten by someone I never met, about someone I do not know, and my heart just breaks for them. I'm wishing hard as I can that these sweet folks get a miracle.

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Me too Bbeanster. I check it

Me too Bbeanster. I check it constantly for updates and I had never read it before. They have my prayers. I feel like I'm reading the saddest but most beautiful love story. I have been consumed with politics and this puts things in perspective.

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I agree. I've been reading

I agree. I've been reading every day. AT, you have our thoughts and prayers. I am stunned this is happening to your wife. I wish I could do something too. I am praying for GAC.

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My heart grieves...

I too, want to scream out -- "how the hell, in this day of *modern* medicine, can a 29-year-old woman be at death's door within three days and the Drs. have no clue as to why??"

My heart grieves for the entire family.

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Beside myself with worry

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers, everyone. Pray hard!

I have known AT for several years, we have worked at the same three companies at the same time. I first met his wife a couple years ago, then again at some local get-togethers here in Oak Ridge. She is a marvelously sweet person. They have two adorable little boys that are the light of her life.

I briefly saw AT yesterday at work. This was before GAC took a turn for the worse. He already looked like hell warmed over at that point. I can only imagine now ... the hospital is only a half a mile from my house, I want to be there, but I know my presence will make no difference. I feel so helpless, so scared for them. I'm keeping a prayer circle list at my site, makes me feel like I am doing something.

Pray hard, people!

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There's a new update at

There's a new update at AtomicTumor ... not out of the woods yet, but it is good news, a glimmer of hope. Keep Praying!

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I appreciate it, Johnny, and everybody. It means a lot.

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Support for AT

I’ve put a design up on my cafepress store and will be sending the profits from the sale of the “Nothing to Fear” design to Atomic Tumor to help offset the financial burden of his wife’s treatment. If you haven’t been keeping up, he has been using the phrase, “Nothing to Fear, Nothing to Doubt” as his personal mantra throughout this ordeal. If you are feeling generous, stop and buy something. (link...)
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R.I.P. GAC. And God Bless

R.I.P. GAC. And God Bless AT for the amazing journey he's taken some of us readers. I feel the most amazing sense of enrichment after following the experience through ATs amazingly articulate and soulful journey.


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How horribly sad. I'll be

How horribly sad. I'll be around to lend some support, as well...

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