Jan 8 2017
08:40 pm
By: rht  shortURL

can anybody recommend places to hang out and an airbnb in asheville?

jbr's picture

The Gray Line hop on hop off

The Gray Line hop on hop off Tour is pretty good I think when you first get there. Then you can go back to what you liked.

Asheville Gray Line Tours


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Anywhere downtown. My favs

Anywhere downtown. My favs are Jack of the Woods pub and Early Girl for breakfast.

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Good choices. Jack of the

Good choices. Jack of the Wood has a vegetarian 'upstairs' called Laughing Seed with good vegan and veggie dishes. The art museum at Pack Place usually has fine exhibits. Downtown has an indie movie theater, the Fine Arts - something Knoxville could use. West Asheville is also interesting for its shops and eateries. Vinyl record shopping is usually good. Then there's Biltmore and Grove Park Inn for historic 'upscale' architecture - both worth a visit.

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I just received this in an

I just received this in an email. I haven't been to Asheville in a very long time. I rarely, and not in a very long time, look at Zagat.

Zagat - 8 Hottest Restaurants and Bars in Asheville, NC

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