Nov 19 2020
05:32 pm

The federal government gave Tennessee about $180 million to help families who benefited from free school lunches but couldn’t get those meals when the pandemic closed schools this spring.

Most states mailed these credits to families immediately but in Tennessee, thousands of families are still trying to get these vital benefits months later.
Tennessee was one of 17 states that initially used an application process to avoid potential fraud.
there isn’t an application anymore for these credits.

For the second round, she [Tennessee Department of Human Services Commissioner Barnes] said they sent thousands of P-EBT cards directly to school districts that will distribute them to qualifying families.
The state said any cards that aren’t picked up after 30 days will be returned to the Department of Human Services for disposal.

If you qualify, go get your P-EBT cards now.

R. Neal's picture

These are the same clowns who

These are the same clowns who want block grants for TennCare. What could possibly go wrong?

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Send in more clowns

And this is the state that has millions that should go to poor families (TANF) and has no plan to get it to them. But if a big business wants to come in, there are no hurdles for them.

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