And folks just thought they did not have Tim Hutchison to kick around anymore . . . . Looks like the former High Sheriff's move to jump on the Trump Express very early on is going to pay off for him after all. Trump will be appointing a new U.S. Marshall for the Eastern District of Tennessee in a short while, and Hutchison appears to be not only on the list, but the only one on the list. The former sheriff played this one magnificently, getting out in front for Trump while other local, state, and national Republicans were shying away or being coy with their support. If there was a Trump event in East Tennessee that mattered, Hutchison was front and center. To the victor . . . . So, local law enforcement is going to go through a change in the next 18 months: by summer of 2018, not only will we have a new Sheriff in town . . . Lee Tramel . . . but we'll also have a new U.S. Marshall to go with him. All of this makes me want to go binge-watch every season of my favorite TV show - Justified.

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US Marshall and the fires in the park

Can anyone explain to me if there are any federal charges being brought against the two boys from Anderson Co that are under arrest for the Gatlinburg fires? Since the fires supposedly began at the Chimney's inside the national park then wouldn't the US Marshall for that area be involved? Maybe the feds are waiting for the new Marshall to take any action, I dunno. Just wonderin...

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