With a sharp rebuke to the court, a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday tossed the criminal convictions against three former Pilot executives including ex-president Mark Hazelwood.

Appeals court tosses convictions against former Pilot president, 2 others

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Senior Judge Richard F.

Senior Judge Richard F. Suhrheinrich and Judge Eric Murphy voted to toss the case. Judge Bernice Donald dissented.

Suhrheinrich is a Reagan/Bush1 appointee. Murphy is a Trump appointee. Donald is an Obama appointee.

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And Curtis Collier, the judge who made that inexplicably stupid little boo-boo in re. the rules of evidence, is a Clinton appointee. It's too bad, because Hazelwood and his cadre broke the law(s) in particularly ugly ways, are guilty as hell, they shouldn't be skipping, and it's hard to understand how they would be but for some bonehead move like this on the part of the prosecution, and ultimately the judge. The 6th made the right decision, and who appointed that bench is hardly relevant.

Still. I blame Clinton.

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So, their argument is that

So, their argument is that evidence of their toxic racism should not have been allowed in their trial on charges of, among other things, targeting minorities for their rip-off scheme. Maybe the prosecutors should have introduced the evidence on those grounds instead of arguing it just showed they were stupid and shameless.

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I’m all but certain that if

I’m all but certain that if there was a crime called “Targeting Minorities forTheir Rip-Off Scheme,” then those videos might’ve been germane and admissible. But these guys were charged with and convicted of real crimes like wire fraud and conspiracy and that sort of thing. If you’re a prosecutor or a judge in a case like this, you’re acting incompetently if you don’t read your handy copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence, particularly Rules 403 and 404, and follow what you read there.

But what Clinton appointee would do that?

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This is what a bunch of money

This is what a bunch of money will get you. We should all be this lucky.

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