Jan 15 2013
05:19 pm

...should get a thorough mental health evaluation. On the other hand, maybe they could get workers comp or disability after they do it and get fired.

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P.S. I blame Ballmer. And

P.S. I blame Ballmer. And having too many clueless developers with too much time. Which is ultimately Ballmer's falut.

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It's like Star Trek movies.

It's like Star Trek movies. Every other one sucks.

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Heh. For dissing MS or Star

Heh. For dissing MS or Star Trek? I'm not askeered either way. :)

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Is it really that bad? I've

Is it really that bad? I've only toyed with it in stores and found it to be not very intuitive, but I thought that maybe I was missing something. Is it bad from a developers point of view or users or both?

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There are reports that simple

There are reports that simple 99 cent apps in the (approved by Microsoft) Microsoft store break the "metro" (no longer called that) interface, which, by the way, is unusable on a PC.

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Wow. I have to keep Windows

Wow. I have to keep Windows on a dual boot at work, so it looks like I'll be sticking with 7 when I get the promised new desktop. Linux Mint KDE is my flavor of choice, but I have to keep one foot in proprietary-land for stuff that doesn't play nice in linux.

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Maybe MS should offer a big

Maybe MS should offer a big discount on Win7.

(It looked to me like Win8 was basically done to make a desktop look like a Surface tablet / Xbox appliance. The internals sound worse, the more that I hear.)

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I bought a new laptop right

I bought a new laptop right before the release of 8 which entitled me to a cheap upgrade when it was released. When I installed Win 8 it disabled part of the keyboard. Num pad wouldn't work, track pad was borked. Spent the better part of a day using the built in recovery program to roll back to Win 7. It really is a mess. Pretty glad I don't own any microsoft stock.

On the other hand my son loves it and is a total believer. He tells me I just don't get it. So maybe its just not aimed at us old farts.

I miss dos commands.

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Could be an old fart problem.

Could be an old fart problem. We have come from dos on up to Windows 7 with some enormous changes. I use the keyboard a lot when I can.

I'm wondering what your son loves about Windows 8. What applications does he use?

I'm thinking Windows 8 would be better if everyone had a touchscreen monitor. On the other hand, it should not be that hard to get to your files, e.g. My Computer, Explorer, whatever. I could be crazy, or just an old fart, but I had to go through Help to find Notepad and to add a printer.

Windows 8 automatically added a network printer in a manner that should not have been added. We had to delete the printer and manually add it. No problem, since we used to always manually add printers. The problem was Windows 8 automatically adding the printer that didn't work.

I do like the fact that Windows 8 still includes keyboard access to applications that allowed for keyboard access, e.g. Alt-letter of menu option or Alt-letter of button, etc.

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I think he likes it because

I think he likes it because it's shiny. You know how kids are.

Seriously, he likes the way it interfaces with Xbox Live and other stuff I don't understand. He says that Microsoft is in the midst of creating a unified system that will integrate Xbox, phones, tablets and all. He says its just in its early stages and needs some time. I don't remember this quite but he says that Windows XP was also abhorred when it was released and went on to become the most widely installed OS in history.

An idea that I think is coming (I'm actually suprised it hasn't been widely adopted already) is integration of the Microsoft Kinect technology into laptop webcams. That could give the user the ability to interact with the os by remote gesture, like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report. Now that would be kinda cool.

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Aaarrrgh. End of a long day

Aaarrrgh. End of a long day that started at 3AM squashing a show stopper Windows 8 UI bug that was holding up release of a bunch of awesome (and .gov mandated) new features in an app that works great on Windows 7 (and Vista and XP and 2000). Two man days lost, but mission accomplished. We think. At this point it's hard to say.

What a ridiculous day this has been. Good thing we don't auto increment the version build number until we are ready to release or we would have gotten to overflow and run out of numbers. Be careful out there.

'Tini time, over and out.

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