Oct 17 2012
07:43 pm

Surprised would be an understatement. Shocked is more like it. Voters kept coming by the canopy to shake Anthony's hand. "You're the only Democrat I voted for", I heard them say. Crowds of people formed and walked in as voting groups.

As we set up the canopy , the republicans began hitting the phones. You could almost smell the fear. When Anthony got off work (he's a school teacher) and began shaking hands, I felt like I was in on the beginning of something big. This guy is for real. This election is going to be his. Anthony Hancock is grass roots personified.

I don't know where all the people obviously supporting him came from, but they came in droves. I'm not sure about exactly what he's doing, but whatever it is, he got people to the polls to vote today and if he keeps up at this rate, he may well set a record for representative votes in the eighteenth district.

Approximately 2000 people were said to vote at Downtown West today. By my eyeball count and judging from the pre and post vote reaction, I'd guess Anthony took 60% of the vote today. But there's more to do.

The monkey is now on the opposition's back. Anthony Hancock is for real, he made that known today. Not only is he the best man and best candidate in this election, it turns out that he has a knack for knowing how to get folks to the polls. But, it's not over, it's just beginning.
Please, spread the word. Everyone at the polls saw what was going on and the big machines are supporting the bad guys.

We need your help! Spread the word! Don't let the momentum end. Vote! Vote! Vote! And get your friends and neighbors to vote. You can make a difference.

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Go Anthony! Hope this is a

Go Anthony!

Hope this is a good sign. It would be an awesome and welcomed upset.

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Campaign commercial one

This stuff is hard to find for people like me. Pass it on!


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From the front lines:Day 2

It was crowded once again at Downtown West. It appears it was teachers day and it appears Anthony's lead is holding. Again, it's still early, but the response at the 100 foot line has been outstanding. If Anthony can hold serve through the election, the eighteenth district may finally get a real representative. I am just amazed at how busy that place has been the last few days.

We've been trying to work on our exit poll methods and figure out ways to profile Democrats. Is wearing Birkenstocks a legitimate sign of being a Democrat?

The opposition happened to notice today that their campaign colors were Crimson and White. Their response was to wear orange underwear that showed. It clashed and looked pretty stupid, but it was also funny. I'm beginning to understand politics in the real world. I'm amazed at the little things.

If you haven't voted, please do. If you know someone in the eighteenth that needs a ride to the polls or who may be undecided please encourage them to Vote Hancock! Updates until Saturday. Work next week.

Catch the vision!

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The were quite a few scowling mean looking people that appeared to be genuinely unhappy at the polls today. I'm concerned that the republicans are beginning to show up.

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Tea Bag Party

Is there a way to measure or even make an educated guess as to whether a claim to be a Tea Bag Party member first and a republican second will help or hurt someone in west Knoxville during this election? Are people really proud of this distinction?

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The final day (Well the final day for me)

Vacation is over. Work starts back on Monday so my final day at the polls was today. Turnout was estimated in the 1300 range at Downtown West. The latter part of the day was slow. It was a time to reflect and get to know Anthony the man and neighbor. It was Alabama day and a time to kick around ideas as to where and why the Democratic party had become what it had. It was a time to talk football.

I got the Tea Bag T-shirt guy story. He moved from the opponents area to Anthony Hancock's area in a blatant attempt at intimidation. The candidate engaged him in a conversation about his T-Shirt, his philosophy, and the U.S. constitution. So the guy goes and turns his T-Shirt around in order for his explanation to make sense and walks to the street with "Tea Bag Party" on the front and "We the People" on the back. This is my first experience with this aspect of campaigning and I find this stuff fascinating.

It would appear to be another positive day for the Hancock campaign. This is all anecdotal, but what I've seen is this. The democratic base is universally for Hancock. His opponent has made it known that he is a Tea Party Republican, and as a consequence there is a noticeable crossover vote. Independents seem to be leaning for Anthony as well. What I've found most interesting are the offhand comments from folks I would assume are Republican asking Anthony to stay in touch or come to this, that or the other meeting. It looks to me like republicans are hedging their bets and keeping the door open, either just in case, or because they're jumping ship. I've found the universal respect I've seen for Anthony refreshing.

Finally, I found the third guy in our football discussion interesting. He spent quite a bit of time in the opponents campaign area before walking over. He asked Anthony if he'd ever played pro ball. When Anthony said yes, he asked for his autograph.A sharpie was found and there was a pretty good picture of Anthony on a campaign brochure, so he signed it. A broad, enjoyable, and far reaching discussion of football and coaching philosophy and high school, college and pro level ball followed. We all agreed, we all disagreed. We all shared common opinions. We all disagreed passionately. The common thread was a love and respect for the game. A respect for the process. And a dedication for the future of the game. Ultimately, we all just wanted the Vols to succeed. Why Hall let this guy go was somewhat of a mystery until he started talking about himself.

He'd been in a car wreck in 98 that had messed his right arm up fairly badly. He described someone a guy's foot speed that he obviously admired as, "He was faster than me. I couldn't catch him." The more he talked, the more matter of fact he seemed, he stuttered less and less, and actually opened up and smiled. My survival in my job was based on my ability to make snap judgements about people and correctly read first impressions. I liked the guy.

As the republicans folded their tent and left as the polls were closing, the guy stayed with us. When the polls closed he walked over to the corner of the building and sat down near an opening in the bushes. I couldn't help but wonder where he was going to sleep tonight. I couldn't help but wonder if there was anyone representing his interests in Nashville. I couldn't help but notice how much treating him with respect seemed to cheer him up. I couldn't figure out why republicans would throw someone like him, someone who had a job but didn't make much, someone who was making his own way in the world, someone who likely just needed a little help to make it, I couldn't help but wonder why Steve Hall would throw that guy away.

And that's when I figured out why so many people were showing up for Anthony Hancock.

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