May 12 2014
04:27 pm

From MSNBC …

Now researchers at NASA and the University of California Irvine have found evidence that man-made global warming may have already caused some irreversible damage.

On Monday, NASA and U.C. Irvine released a joint report finding that a section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet “appears to be in an irreversible state of decline, with nothing to stop the glaciers in this area from melting into the sea,” according to a statement on NASA’s website.

Antarctica ice melt is ‘unstoppable’

NASA-UCI Study Indicates Loss of West Antarctic Glaciers Appears Unstoppable

gonzone's picture

Sell your beach front

Sell your beach front property now while it still exists.

Average Guy's picture

Not to worry

FEMA is the only source for flood insurance now.

We as tax payers will be paying to rebuild those nice homes.

Voldog's picture

Artic ice is at historic high

Artic ice is at historic high levels for May and I believe I have seen reports that Antartic Ice is also at high levels.

doom doom doom...

Andy Axel's picture

(Does it count as

(Does it count as misinformation if both of the polar locales cited here are misspelled?)

Factchecker's picture

OK, smartass

You are confusing volume with area and land ice with sea ice that is seasonal. That makes all the difference! As for seasonal sea ice, consider that as the poles melt, the water salinity gets diluted and thus the freezing point increases. Water that wouldn't have frozen does now. Oops!

Here's a video on Arctic ice volume minimums over the last 30 years. See if you can tell whether it's increasing or decreasing.

Mike Knapp's picture

3 numbers

  • 2 degrees Celsius - likely causes severe drought and storms challenging civilized society - war, mass migrations etc. The earth hasn't been that warm in millions of years.
  • 565 gigatons of CO2 to be put into atmosphere before poking beyond 2 degrees Celsius
  • 2,795 number of gigatons of CO2 currently held in reserve by coal, oil, and gas companies and countries

Terrifying New Math
The New Abolitionism

troll bonus
How do we know that recent CO2 increases are due to human activities?

Greg H's picture

Tipping point is thawing permafrost

When the CO2 currently trapped in permafrost is released, things will get interesting in a hurry!

Mike Knapp's picture

Interactive sea level rise map - Climatecentral

Climate central sea level map
"By the metric of most people living on land less than 10 ft above the high tide line, New York City is most threatened in the long run, with a low-lying population count of more than 700,000. Sixteen other cities, including New Orleans, La.; Norfolk, Va.; Stockton, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Jacksonville, Fla.; are on the list of places with more than 100,000 people below the line. (Much of New Orleans is already below sea level, but is protected at today’s level by levees.)"

ANGRYWOLF's picture

Not doom.

Humans will adapt.
Maybe people here in the USA will learn not to blindly follow conservative repub climate change deniers when they have to move and leave their states/areas of their states that are underwater.

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I'm a skeptic

The drought in Texas is now said to be the worst in 500 years. It may be instructive to see if Rick Perry doubles down on his remedy from a year or two ago when he urged everyone to pray as a solution. I'm skeptical the vast majority of low value voters, the Duck Dynasty conservatives, will ever re-prioritize their voting issues, let alone change their views to acknowledge they and their god party were wrong.

Mike Knapp's picture

Yep; NASA's climate site for kids

Adaptation has its moral and operational limitations especially with the massive propaganda system against which we have to "adapt".
While the recalcitrants die off I'd say that we can hope and organize with younger voters who are educated and critical enough to discern the vacuous, vapid bullshit from the science. 2/565/2795
Perhaps it'll happen in time, especially in the absence of reprioritization...
Climate Kids NASA

Factchecker's picture

And I'd say bring it on

Wow. That site could light a new budget war against NASA!

Factchecker's picture

It's a miracle!

I hear it rained in Austin. Finally after about 2 years, Rick Perry's strategy of praying away drought has obviously worked!

jbr's picture

U. S. Drought monitor

From university of Nebraska ...

US Drought monitor

redmondkr's picture

Not To Worry!

North Carolina has the solution in hand.

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