Aug 4 2019
06:59 am

August 4, 2019: Nine people were killed in Dayton, OH, when a shooter opened fire outdoors at a downtown entertainment area. At least 16 have been hospitalized.

August 3, 2019: Twenty people were killed in El Paso, TX, when a shooter opened fire at a Walmart shopping center. At least 26 have been hospitalized.

July 28, 2019: Three people were killed in Gilroy, CA, at an outdoor garlic festival. 13 were wounded.

In 2019, there have been 32 fatal shootings with three or more victims in the United States.

Many of these shooting involved semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines.

Isn't it time to do something about these mass shooting devices?

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white nationalist terrorism / mainstreamed ideology

the manifesto of the el paso shooter reads like the comments on an instapundit blog post (which knoxviews still links to on the sidebar), the replies on a tim burchett tweet, or a tucker carlson monologue.

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Like maybe, Trump?

Why Won’t Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS? Because It Would Mean Banning Some Republican Politicians Too.


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burchett responds to shootings inspired by rhetoric he promotes

@TimBurchett: "The senseless shootings in Texas, Ohio and the 56 folks who were shot this weekend in Chicago are all horrible and must be condemned...."

we all see the thought process going on here, correct?

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I wonder what our mayoral

I wonder what our mayoral candidates have to say about gun control. It's happened here as well ...


Alex_Falk's picture

for sure

for sure, although I believe the issues of white nationalist terrorism and firearm regulation deserve separate attention and treatment despite their entanglement.

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white nationalist rep steve cohen's reponse

@RepCohen: "You want to shoot an assault weapon? Go to Afghanistan or Iraq! Enlist!"

Cohen deleted his tweet, Burchett's is still up.

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edit: debunked

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Gun control folks have been

Gun control folks have been chattering at each other for some time now. Background noise. Sandy Hook should have made that clear. And back then we had a President who was running around gleefully politicizing it.

jmcnair's picture

Shut up.

Fuck you, James. That was my church that one of your right-wing nut job pals shot up and a friend of mine that died. No one was "gleeful" about Sandy Hook except right-wing deniers and conspiracy nuts. You minimize the terrible path that the NRA, the Republican Party and its current leaders have led us down for their profit and power and for that you are complicit as well.

Just shut up.

Joe328's picture

Debate and Change Needed

There are only nine (9) comments on recent mass shootings and 27 comments on the Mayor's race. Where are your priorities? Regulate gun on performance, not looks. Let us debate the issue of hollow point bullets, limit the caliber of bullets a carry permit holder can use.

Knoxoasis's picture

What limit on caliber do you

What limit on caliber do you propose for non carry permit holders?

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Ohio shooter's rifle and

Ohio shooter's rifle and 100 round drum magazine:


He was able to kill nine people and wound 26 more in 30 seconds before law enforcement officers killed him.

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The issue....

The issue is not whether or not people have the right to keep and bear arms, but rather, what constitutes a well regulated militia and whether or not any particular gun owner falls within those parameters.

How well regulated is a society in which any deranged idiot can by a gun and shoot up a Walmart?

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Gov. Bill Lee not ready to do

Gov. Bill Lee not ready to do anything:

"I haven't analyzed [red-flag laws] yet, but it's early for us to talk about which direction we want to go," Lee said. "But we want to take action."


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I'm a law abiding conceal permit holder. We can create all the laws we want to but it is not going to keep someone from killing someone if they are set on doing that. Do you remember Timothy McVeah in the 90's? He killed over 150 people without a gun. There needs to be a mechanism in place to help keep the mentally ill from getting fire arms without impeding my ability to purchase a gun if that is what I desire to do.
We need common sense laws and not knee jerk reactions to this problem.

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Don't think it is a knee jerk

Don't think it is a knee jerk reaction to require background checks for gun purchasers.
Don't think it is a knee jerk reaction to disallow high capacity magazines.

Whatever. You will never be convinced.

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A bystander was shot in a Louisiana Walmart during a fight

The argument erupted between two patrons near a customer service desk. Both pulled out guns, and one fired, Gautreaux said.

A bystander was shot in a Louisiana Walmart during a fight between two other men, sheriff says

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Buttigieg: water balloons to

Buttigieg on Chris Matthews show: water balloons to nuclear weapons, there has to be a line somewhere.

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Trump follows Burchett: promotes #ClintonBodyCount conspiracy

Trump followed Tim Burchett's conspiracy dog whistles to his very excited twitter followers (Tim has 4 tweets about Epstein in 24hrs -- one before and three after his death) with his own megaphone-- retweeting a video explicitly promoting the #ClintonBodyCount theory of Epstein's recent demise.

Alex_Falk's picture

Burchett then follows Trump

in turn, Burchett just followed Trump's lead and retweeted #ClintonBodyCount content (in Burchett's case, a meme one of his fans made for him which includes the hashtag in the tweet)

yesterday, he "liked" one of his fan's tweets reading "Add another to the Clinton body count"

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