Jun 4 2009
08:28 am

Dr. Greg Rabidoux, an Austin Peay political science professor from Clarksville, will challenge incumbent Marsha Blackburn for the U.S. 7th Congressional District seat. Kleinheider has the press release. The guy has a pretty impressive resume.

PREVIOUSLY: Paula Flowers running for Wamp's seat

gonzone's picture


Blackburn really needs to go!

And the name Rabidoux is so much cooler than Low Tax Looper.

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

Sarah's picture

I'm so thrilled that

I'm so thrilled that Rabidoux is running. Marsha Blackburn is a joke. What does she know about politics? Rabidoux is a formidable candidate. He has great experience and understands what the 7th district needs. Blackburn only cares about her rich constituents, not about the middle and working classes of the 7th. We need someone else, now, more than ever not an obstructionist who can't work with anyone.

Joseph Tedescucci's picture

Dr. Rabidoux

I wouldn't know Rabidoux if I met him on the street. But if he's another "professor type" (as he appears to be) then shouldn't we stop for just a second & remember ALL the classroom intellectuals who have driven the Obama regime to insolvency and then deserted the ship? And if THAT'S not enough then maybe the endorsement of the NEA and TEA should send up a red flag? Please remember that these organizations have been "on watch" as American History books have been reduced to pablum & lies; AND while all references to God and patriotic pledges have been forcibly removed from classrooms. Do you REALLY want more of THAT?! Perhaps it's time you acquired a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration and "studied up" on what the Founding Fathers REALLY cintended for this country to be. Educate yourself FIRST - then come back & we'll talk.


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