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By one measure, Tennessee is

By one measure, Tennessee is the unhappiest state in the union: Nearly 10% of residents have experienced an episode of major depression in the previous year.

Doesn't surprise me.

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Only 10%?

Only 10%?

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Some years ago...

...I read that Tennessee led the nation in ADA claims and per capita prescription meds. Part of that was attributed to the prevalence of people with allergies in the state, part of it was attributable to unhealthy lifestyles, and part of it was attributable to being a right to work state with higher rates of workplace injury/illness.

And now I'm depressed.

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I've also read this about our leading the nation in prescription med usage, Min.

Over the years, I've known many friends and family members who took antidepressants, all of them women.

I just loathe taking a pill for any reason and hate to see people I care about depend on them, too.

So I've always tried to persuade them that there really wasn't anything wrong with them, that their lives truly were shitty.

I guess there's a knack to this counseling stuff that I lack...

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States whose citizens

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I was going to say, there is

I was going to say, there is a link between pastors and depression too. Spreading the word isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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