Mar 27 2006
11:09 pm
By: CE Petro

A blogger all-star extraveganza is put together in the cookbook, And They Cook Too! 

You can get your own copy of ATCT! for just $15, by following the link.  Proceeds will benefit Medecins Sans Frontiéres, or for those of us afraid of the French, Doctors Without Borders.

I do have two entrees in ATCT!,  which I hope will not disappoint.  Saltimbocca, which I had made a few minor adjustments, and Garden Chicken that I had thrown together last year and had turned out quite well.

Kudos to Ginger and Kathy for their hard work in putting this together, and I hope all my readers will buy a copy or two, as well as encouraging others to buy a copy or two, and help make this fundraiser a sucess.


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