Nov 6 2012
01:45 pm

As R. Neal points out, there are other important things at stake in today's election.

Same-sex marriage is on the ballot in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and one other state I forget.

Legalizing marijuana is on the ballot in three state (and again, sorry I can't remember which ones).

Michigan is voting whether to repeal the "emergency manager" law, which allows the Governor to declare an emergency in a local jurisdiction and send in a manager of his/her choise, who has the absolute right to overrule (and even fire) the elected officials of the jurisdiction.

Then are the House & Senate races. I'll be tracking the Senate races and try to report here as events unfold. We start with 53 Dems (counting Lieberman and Sanders) and 47 Republicans. Looking at the 67 who aren't up for relection this year, and the states where the race is a sure thing we have 44 Dems (including Sanders and Angus King in Maine, who is pretty much a lock) and 45 Republicans.

That means there are 11 races where the outcome is uncertain. Those are Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Masschusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota,Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. All of these look good for the Dems except Montana, North Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin, which are too close to call; and Nevada, which will probably go R.

So it looks like the Dems will hang on to control of the Senate unless the polls are completely out of whack.

More later, probably under its own thread.

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Legalizing marijuana is on the ballot in three state (and again, sorry I can't remember which ones).

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Short term memory loss

Short term memory loss implied with that "hmmmm..."? :-)

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Short-term memory loss

I don't need to smoke to suffer from that.

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I'm hoping to see Michelle

I'm hoping to see Michelle Bachmann's retirement paperwork come through tonight.

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And Allen West's too!

And Allen West's too!

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And Joe Walsh (Go Tammy!)

And Joe Walsh (Go Tammy!)

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It would be so great to get

It would be so great to get rid of a whole bunch of these Teabagging idiots!

And let's not forget, Holy Joe Lieberman is gone! So hopefully we're getting better Democrats.

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Heard on the news that

Heard on the news that Florida has 11 constitutional amendments on the ballot, and one of them is 600 words long. No wonder there are long lines and delays. Wonder what geniuses came up with that? Oh, wait...

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California Prop 36 to modify 3 Strikes law will chip away

at prison industrial complex and overcrowding. USA has 5% of world's population and 25% of worlds prisoners - too many because of the War on Drug (users)... mass incarceration has been devastating on the Black community...

"If Proposition 36 is approved by voters, approximately 3,000 convicted felons who are currently serving life terms under the Three Strikes law, whose third strike conviction was for a nonviolent crime, will be able to petition the court for a new, reduced, sentence.[2] Reducing the sentences of these current prisoners could result in saving the state somewhere between $150 to $200 million a year.[3]

Altogether, about 8,800 prisoners are currently serving life terms in California prisons under the 1994 law.[4]

24 states have a "Three Strikes"-type law.[4]"

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